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10-26-13 | Posted by

You’ve got to love Dr. Jart+. The Korean dermatologist brand just about single-handedly created the worldwide BB cream phenomenon. And while the name may be a bit misleading–there is no Dr. Jart, but rather a consortium of dermatologists lead by Dr. SungJae Jung—the brand stands for quirky integrity; just check out its hipsterish and fun website.

Moving on from the realm of beauty balms and its recently launched CC Essence Balm, Dr. Jart+ just added a new moisturizer duo—Cermadin Liquid and Cream ($39; $48). You use them in tandem—the liquid first, then the cream—for what the company says will deliver 26-hour moisture.

One of the most lovable things about Dr. Jart+ is how pleasant the products are to use—no funky textures, color, or fumes here. The Cermadin Liquid and Cream smell slightly medicinal, but in a good way. This fits the clinical looking bottle and tube. But before you sink into packaging blahs, get a load of the “Help Me” and “Skin Saver” carton silhouettes—total amusement.

The Cermadin Liquid and Cream are deliciously moisturizing and really seem to improve skin texture and enhance its barrier function. Powered by ceramides, lipids found naturally on the surface of the skin, and panthenol, the Ceramidin pair helps repair damaged skin so it can function optimally. Other ingredients include licorice extract for whitening and soothing, and aloe vera for healing.

No miracle claims here, thank goodness, just solid moisturizing benefits. Plusm all Dr. Jart+ products feature a 10-free formula; they are created without paraben, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic dyes, BHT, DEA, sulfate, triclosan, fluorescent material, and formaldehyde.

It’s winter—time to get your moisture on!

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