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02-20-15 | Posted by

It’s hard to fathom that spring, with the sound of birds chirping and the first sign of daffodils and tulips, is just a month or so away. While oud was a big note a few years ago, this year’s emphasis is more on florals with a twist.







Here are some lovely fragrances for the cultured nose:

Krigler Sparkling Diamond 22  ($375 for 3.4 oz)

Sparkling Diamond 22 (Credit: Krigler)


This is a classic: created in 1922, this one is quite a luxurious fragrance to wear to evoke the refined, thrilling atmosphere of Monaco’s Monte Carlo, where the legendary Place du Casino is where nimble fingers come to try their luck. But Lady Luck will most likely be on your side with these base notes of Champagne nectar, blended with strawberry, coconut and musk, which is both tropical and seductive at the same time, making this scent ideal for a romantic evening or Valentine’s Day. The scent also comes beautifully packaged, in a glittering collector-worthy bottle with Swarovski crystal.

AERIN Rose de Grasse Perfume ($185)

Thierry Mugler Angel (Credit: Aerin)


Aerin Lauder’s inspiration for this rich floral is the timeless rose. “I’ve always been inspired by the timeless beauty of roses. Rose de Grasse represents the most rare and special of these flowers,” she says. As a result, this beautifully packaged bottle with in white and gold with a braid accent, which also makes for a luxurious valentine’s day gift, is made with Rose Centifolia, hand-picked in Grasse—the French capital of perfumery since the 16th century where the history of fragrance is art.

Thierry Mugler’s ANGEL “The New Star” ($150)

Thierry Mugler Angel - The New Star (Credit: Thierry Mugler)


A homage to fine glassmaking, The New Star is a cool, delicious scent, with a three dimensional star capturing light in its many facets just like a prism, and itself making a fine piece to put on your vanity or cabinet.  The name is already legendary, with the first Angel scent having been launched 22 years ago, launching a series of gourmand orientals in surprisingly beautiful bottles. The brand is so popular that one Thierry Mugler bottle is refilled every seven seconds worldwide. To pay homage to the idea of a floating angel defying the laws of gravity, the celestial-like bottle was designed to be placed on any of its facets, without a designated bottom.

Original Scent’s Love Notes ($99)

Love Notes (Credit: Original Scent)


To inspire women to create their own fragrance, the brand Original Scent has created a limited edition travel set called “Love Notes” filled with four romantic notes that can be layered or worn individually. This comes from the Scents of You series started by the brand, which believes that fragrance is a very personal expression, and should reflect the identity of the wearer. The scents include Fast Love (top notes of  Honey Clover, Pink Pepper, Sweet Orange, Orange Blossom and White Musk); Paradise (middle notes of African Violet, Green Coconut, Waterlily, Fresh Lemon and Cedar); and Taboo (Base notes of Satsuma Orange, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood, known as an aphrodisiac).









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