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08-09-17 | Posted by

Not too long ago, customized lotions and potions were reserved for those willing to drop a pretty penny, but not anymore! From skincare and foundation to fragrance and beyond, we found a few ways to get custom-made products created with your unique needs and wants in mind—and it’s a lot easier and less expensive than you’d think!

Fragrance: Scent Trunk (starting at $12/month)
Commissioning a bespoke fragrance used to be a lengthy process that involved working one-on-one with a parfumeur and often spending months and thousands of dollars to get it just right. But when you use Scent Trunk. This innovative service sends you a free at-home test kit with six core scents that helps you identify your favorite notes, and they do the rest. Your custom fragrance arrives shortly thereafter in a travel-friendly atomizer and if you don’t like it, no worries, they’ll whip up another!


Foundation: bareMinerals Made-2-Fit Fresh Faced Foundation Customized by MATCHCo ($49)
MATCHCo changed the foundation game with a smartphone app that helped create the perfect shade for your skin, and bareMinerals Made-2-Fit combines this groundbreaking technology with a formula that millions of women have come to love. The process is the same, but you can do it in-store or in the comfort of your own home without ever wondering if you’re wearing the right foundation shade for your skin tone again.


Transform skincare into makeup: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops ($44)
If you love how your favorite moisturizer or serum leaves your skin feeling, these drops let you infuse any product with color, in turn transforming it into makeup. Available in 24 shades, one drop yields sheer coverage, two deliver medium coverage, three give you full coverage and four drops create extra-full coverage that rivals opaque foundation. You can also play with the finish of your foundation (or skincare) by adding a drop or two of the Custom Enhancer Drops ($42), which lend a glowy or bronze finish, depending on which of the nine shade you choose.


Tailor your skincare: Miriam Quevedo Black Baccara Boosters (starting at $85)
There are a handful of truly made-for-you skincare lines that use a DNA swab or your actual blood to create a bespoke formulation, but Miriam Quevedo gives you the flexibility to tailor your regimen for exactly what your skin needs at a given time without the waitlist or four-figure price tag. Sure, the line features an amazing cleanser, toner, eye products and sunscreen, but the real magic happens with the moisturizer step. First, you choose one of three hydrators based on your skin type, and then you infuse it with a combination of “boosters” that are packed with antioxidants plus anti-aging, firming, pigment-fighting, soothing and other good-for-your-skin ingredients. Available add-ins include “Energizing,” “Youth,” “Protection” and “Comfort,” and although a skin analysis with a Miriam Quevedo specialist is the ideal way to find the perfect “recipe” for your skin, the boosters are straight-forward enough that you can probably figure it out for yourself.


Create-your-own serum: Skin Inc. My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum ($90)
Not sure what your skin needs? Take a two- to three-minute quiz to find out—and then get a customized serum that targets your main skin concerns. Answer a few questions about your genetic propensity for aging, how your skin reacts to the sun, your main skin issues, the current state of your pores, wrinkles and firmness/sagging—plus lifestyle factors like stress, sleep, diet, exercise and smoking—and, voila, you have the solution to all your skin woes. It’s that easy.


NOTE: Scent Trunk, MATCHCo, Miriam Quevedo and Skin Inc. products were sent complimentary for review. All opinions are my own.

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