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05-14-10 | Posted by


BeautyScoop’s Guest Interview with Wendy Lewis, Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty and Skincare Guru

1. Can any one spa treatment really impact one’s appearance?
Every spa treatment, done well, can positively impact appearance.  The relaxation factor and therapeutic value of spa therapies help devotees look happier, younger and refreshed.  The WOW effects of certain  microdermabrasion treatments can make the skin look brighter, softer, smoother and more radiant.

2.  Is there any age before or after which you think injections are no longer a beauty enhancing option?
There is really no definitive age limit for injectables.  Women in their 20s start with Botox and Dysport because they are truly preventative plus corrective treatments in that by softening muscle activity, the onset of wrinkles and lines can be delayed!  Fillers are more corrective than preventative, except perhaps for some that purport to stimulate new collagen growth.  More than age as a determining factor, it is about the overall health and quality of your skin, and the degree of sagging or creases.  However, it stand to reason that as a general rule, one syringe of filler won’t get a woman in her 60s the same degree of benefit or possibly last as long as a woman in her 30s.  At that point, regardless of age, facial surgical options are to be considered. But, with age, sagging and wrinkled skin also becomes less hydrated, so combination therapies are likely to provide the best results.

3.  How do you help guide someone to determine if plastic surgery is an option?
Most women want start small with cosmeceutical creams, and move from needles to lasers and then surgery. Good and natural-looking results can be delivered with non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures.  Some people don’t want to have surgery, ever!  Others feel that surgery’s one time cost and recovery outweighs the time and recurrent expenses associated with non-surgical options.  Overall, if and when non-surgical options are unable to provide the desired results, surgery options can be considered.

4.  What role do you believe ingestible beauty products and nutritional supplements like BeautyScoop play in overall nail health and beauty?
I see age reversal and maintenance as a compendium of therapies – starting with what you put into your body.  Most of us are busy living our hyperconnected, 24/7 lives and may not get all the nutrients we need every day.  Stress and the environmental assaults we face daily take their toll on our faces and bodies.  Therefore, supplements play a big role in taking care of your skin, hair and nails, and overall health and well-being.  I believe that nutritional supplements have moved from something that just sounds like a good idea, to an absolute necessity.

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