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04-17-15 | Posted by

Beauty and fashion partnerships are not new, but they definitely catch our attention. Some of the brands who have done it very well include the recent M.A.C. partnership with Nasty Gal, and Beyonce’s partnership with Topshop.

A new twist on this trend is beauty megabrand CLINIQUE partnering with every gal’s favorite shapewear brand, SPANX.

SPANX partners with Clinique (credit: Clinique)



This dynamic duo launched its “Beauty Besties” in honor of the lingerie brand’s ‘Power Series’ collection. The “Beauty Besties” is essentially a trio of pairings that suggest how you wear your Spanx along with a matched Clinique product.

The Power Pairs include:

  • When you like your hemlines short and your lipstick staying power long…
  • When you want all-day control and don’t have time for touch ups…
  • When you want to contour your waist…and your face…

    While this list might initially seem like a recommendation, it also has an interactive component. Starting now and continuing every Saturday in April, they’ll be hosting in-store events at Nordstrom locations nationwide where guests will be treated to a curated selection of Clinique two-in-one staples.

This is not the first underwear brand to seek ties with beauty: earlier this year, Hanky Panky announced that it would launch its first fragrance , and Victoria’s Secret PINK line has been an extension of its makeup line for years. But this innovative partnership is an example of how shorter hemlines and flawless skin are increasingly becoming an item. Flawless skin, the message clearly reads, is always in.

There are also a host of Clinique BODY products that are surprisingly left out of the equation (a recommendation of SPANX with say, Clinique’s Sparkle Body Exfoliator would have made sense to us), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in some clean, exfoliated skin before you try on those power shorts.

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