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Breezing through airport security with your full sized beauty products is nothing but a distant memory: no one who pays top dollar for his or her grooming items, skincare, or makeup wants to leave them in the hands of the TSA. Seeing a beauty lover asked to surrender their precious powders, creams, and lotions can bring even the most seasoned traveler to tears!

Thankfully, there are a variety of travel kits available to suit just about every type of trip and traveler. Here are some of our picks.

For the Frequent World Traveler Who Wants It All

You’re discerning and want only the best from around the world, be it French baguettes or a great view from the London Eye. Luckily, Molton Brown has a London edition of the Frequent Traveler ($55), a toiletry kit that is sure to please the pickiest customer. Six travel essentials for both men and women are packed beautifully in this see-through zipper bag. The set contains Energizing Seamoss Bath & Shower Gel, Coco de Mer body lotion, Travel Reviving Cempaka, Renew Ambrusca Wash & Scrub, Relaxing Yuan Zhi Sleep Ambiente, and Sleep Cedrus Temple Soother.

What it does: Relax, soothe and provide aromatherapy that will calm your jaded travel muscles.

Star Product: The Sleep Cedrus Temple Soother, a silky and light liquid in a small glass jar, eases travel aches with cedrus, lavender. and sweet oranges oils. Rub a few drops on your temple and melt your jet lag stress away.

For the Skin with Complete Jet Lag



Let’s face it: traveling across the globe can be pretty challenging, especially when you’re sitting in cattle class. Thankfully, there’s a beauty travel kit that addresses travel hangover, more commonly known as jet lag. The 3FLOZ’ Jet Lag Essentials travel kit ($60) has everything you need to relieve concerns from puffy eyes to dehydrated skin. The kit includes Help I’m Tired caffeine caplets, Klorane Eye Patches for puffy eyes, David Kirsch’s B-12 Spray, which includes vitamins for your face, and an Air Repair facial mist for severely dehydrated skin. These will be available shortly at 3FLOZ’s airport kiosks everywhere. We can’t stress enough what a genius kit this is, since it combines the best of several brands and packages them into one powerful travel kit.

What It Does: Combat skin jet lag

Star Product: The Air Repair facial mist truly delivers a veritable waterfall treatment for your face—with just a few sprays in a few seconds. This is truly an air travel lifesaver.

For the Green Traveler

The COOLA Environmental Repair Plus 3-Piece Travel Kit ($138) is a three-piece kit that is crafted to reverse the damage caused by the sun and environment. It features a foaming and cooling cleanser that helps reduce redness and inflammation, Fresh Relief Face Serum that hydrates, balances, and shields skin with alfalfa extract, wakame Japanese seaweed, licorice root, and radish root, and an under eye gel with aloe that cools and protects. The kit is perfect for those who want environmentally conscious products with a healing element to help reduce unwanted sun damage.

What It Does: Helps reverse the signs of sun damage while protecting the environment.

Star Product: The Fresh Relief Face Serum is a silky wunderkind, and hydrates beautifully. Upon application, your skin will feel cool and nourished.

For the Luxury Traveler


For those for whom nothing but the best will do, we present the vbeauté It Kit ($99), which comes in a beautiful gunmetal clutch. The customizable clutch contains five essential skincare products that are just perfectly poised for travel. When you’re done with the kit you can refill it. Not only are the products luxurious and elegant, they really work hard to address hydration and wrinkle issues. The products are: Undercover Agent Anti-Wrinkles Protecting Serum, Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator, Evidence Eraser Gentle Foaming cleanser, Buying Time Everyday Crème, and Eye Never Nourishing Eye Repair Crème.

What It Does: Give your skin a luxurious anti-aging treatment on the go.

Star Product: Eye Never Nourishing Eye Repair Crème really helps reverse under eye circles the following morning.

For the Guy Who Doesn’t Want to Lug Stuff Around



Men would rather carry more golf balls than grooming products around so it’s a good thing that there’s the Organic Male OM4 Travel Kit ($29), which is chock full of four OM4 signature product sachets. The brand offers a variety of travel kits but the one from the Normal and Combination Skin Collection is filled with four products that contain antioxidant packed berries, grains, and wine extracts to delay the onset of fine lines and minimize large pores. Each set includes 14 travel safe packets, including a face wash, balancer, serum and moisturizer.

What It Does: Balance skin tone and help with wrinkles.

Star Product: The OM4 Serum reverses signs of age and also serves as a great after shave.

For the Anti-Aging Queen

Photo Credit: olehenriksen.com

Photo Credit: olehenriksen.com

Most of the travel sets mentioned above address some anti-aging issues but the OLEHENRIKSEN 3 Little Wonders Set  ($70) gives you convenient sized products to treat a number of anti aging skin concerns, including dryness and wrinkles. The kit includes the lightweight Truth Serum Collagen Booster, Invigorating Night Gel, and Sheer Transformation, all in oil-free formulations.

What It Does: Gives you a collagen boost, soothes skin, and addresses anti-aging concerns.

Star Product: The high powered Truth Serum Collagen Booster addresses skin’s hydration concerns with grapefruit, orange, and green tea extracts to soothe skin and fight free radicals.

For the Sun Obsessed Junkie

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 11.04.11 AMSPF doesn’t always come in a handy travel kit, but thanks to Supergoop! City & Sand Sunscreen Tote ($35) you don’t have to worry about SPF for your face or lips. The set includes City Sunscreen Serum, Mintfusion Lip Balm, Everyday UV Lotion for Face and Body, and Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Day Cream, all with broad spectrum protection and SPF 30 or 40+.

What It Does: Protect your skin and lips against the effects of the sun.

Star Product: You can’t get anything better than the Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Day Cream with SPF 40, which protects your skin like a gentle bulldog. A true gem.

For Dehydrated Skin

Flying is incredibly thirsty work, and Spa de Soleil’s Hydra Mar Anti-Aging Kit (has something that you’ll love to slather on after your long flight. The kit also contains a  Facial Foaming Cleanser, face scrub, masque, nutrient cream and eye cream.

What It Does: Rehydrate tired skin.

Star Product: The Hydra Mar masque is the winner, hands down. Apply this masque and get quenched.




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