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Photo Credit: www.philosophy.com

Posted by 06.22.11

PRODUCT: Philosophy 'Vanilla Birthday Cake' set

Philosophy is well known for its body products ranging from creams, shower gels, lip glosses and more; it has fabulously packaged two of its wonderful items into a birthday gift set perfect for a friend, coworker or family member.  The $18 Philosophy Birthday Girl gift set includes an 8 oz 3-in-1 shower gel, bubble bath and shampoo and a .5 oz  flavored high sheen lip gloss, both scented with the brand's Vanilla Birthday Cake scent.

This set comes in cute "girly" packaging that takes you back to happy childhood birthday memories, and the vanilla cake smell makes you even happier.  Not everyone has an affinity for the vanilla smell aside from when it's in food,  but Philosophy has managed to turn this into a light, just perfectly sweet aroma.  The shower gel scent isn't overpowering, and I enjoyed its aromatherapeutic touch to help me wake up in the morning or wind down at night; and I didn't smell like vanilla extract for hours to come.  I pefer to use the gel as a body wash or bubble bath - my hair is rather dry and for me it wasn't moisturizing enough to use as a shampoo.

The lip gloss has a nice thick consistency, so you can use is sparingly (which saves more of it!), plus it has a great vanilla taste.  Using this lip gloss might even make you want to go out and have a real vanilla flavored dessert.  The lip gloss shows up clear, but  micro glitter bits add sparkly sheen. At $18 this makes for a great birthday even for a young teenager.



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