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04-21-10 | Posted by

Photo Credit: Juicy Couture

In celebration of our Queen’s official birthday on April 21st, the girls at BITB have been inspired by all things regal. As a self-confessed princess when it comes to my beauty regime, I thought I’d take one step up in the monarchic rankings and find what’s out there to adorn the dressing tables of the general public.

Cleopatra swore by it, and without any danger of smelling like rancid milk, you can try out one of the oldest beauty tips in history. The iconic Elemis Milk Bath is a sure-fire way of pampering yourself in Queen-sized proportions and celebrating its 20th year, this  beauty favourite is now available in a glorious limited edition glass bottle. Get your hands on it quickly, because by the time you have recited our national anthem it will probably be gone!

There are fantastically OTT packaging choices for some beauty products these days. Look at the recently launched Juicy Couture fragrance ‘Couture Couture’ which looks like it would be quite at-home on the dressing table of Marie Antoinette herself. Order yourself a bottle at the recently launched Selfridges online store.

Discover Rimmel London’s Royal Lip Gloss, fit for a Queen, which gives you a magnificent non-stick pout with the benefits of Royal Jelly. Available in 10 colours, this is a makeup staple and also tastes great. Imagine the Queen in wet-look Peach Crush, Sweet Lust, Pink Taffy or Cookie.

Even the biggest VIPs in this world like a deal, and the best new find for cheap treats is Beauty VIP, a subscription service for those in the know, complete with fancy directory and membership card to flash. You can get preened on a budget - ready for tea with the Queen.

Once you are prepped, you must be sure to drop by some of London’s best places for a spot of high tea. Firm favourites with tourists and Londoners alike include The Wolseley, which has become an institution for sipping tea and nibbling on the finest cakes since its opening in November 2003 – so good A.A Gill even wrote a book about its famous patrons.

The Langham, winners of the Tea Guild’s prestigious award for Best Tea in the Capital – a Michelin star equivalent in the tea world – serves up calorific treats from scones to tarts since 1865 in its dazzling Palm Court. Try their Alice in Wonderland themed tea or the new G&Tea, a blend of Gin botanicals and tips. Better still, the Bijoux Tea is inspired by the best jewellery designers of our time: Cartier, Chanel, Bulgari and Asprey’s.

Celebrate in style. Happy Birthday QE!

Love from London


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