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05-15-17 | Posted by

Every girl’s favorite down-to-earth makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, has a brand new book. Beauty From The Inside Out ($24.95)  debuted last month and like the rest of her books, it is destined to be the new Bible for women in search of a healthier lifestyle.

This beautifully done guidebook features a mix of refreshing tips and trendy advice from recipes for your skin , fitness insights, deciphering nutrients, and mastering yoga poses. Bobbi lays the foundation for beauty from within. Building on her lifelong philosophies, here she also provides essential skincare routines, cool makeup techniques, cutting-edge beauty treatments, and brilliant makeovers to make the most of your natural radiance.



But this new book, her ninth one, represents a slight departure from Bobbi’s other beauty bibles. It does not disappoint. It’s more about lifestyle than lipsticks, and less focused on what to put on your skin as she delves into the importance of what you put into your body. In fact the section that features makeup is all the way towards the end of the book. She has turned her passion for blushers and brow fixers to wellness to focus on how the way we eat and live can impact the way we feel and how we look.



Bobbi seems to be on to something and has picked up on the current craze for a vegan, gluten-free, health conscious and active lifestyle that most of us could certainly stand to adopt a bit more of. Her subliminal message is, “Be Good To Yourself.” But she offers this up in a totally non-judgmental way – which, after all, is her signature style that has endeared to women in every corner of the world. Unlike so many books “written” by size zero ageless and over-Botoxed celebs,  she gets that women who live in the real world don’t all have trainers, or a souped up home gym, nor can they live on raw food, black coffee or The Whole30 Program indefinitely. They also can’t often find the time to meditate, or take a Yoga class, or run around the park in the middle of their work day.



This book reveals a new side of Bobbi. She comes across as an even more evolved entreprenurial powerhouse and role model, who now at age 60, is using her celebrity status and global fan base to educate women about how to live better and more importantly, how to feel good about ourselves.

Bravo Bobbi! We heart you.




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