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07-28-09 | Posted by


Photo Credit: The Youth Equation by Dr. Jeffrey Dover and Cara Birnbaum

Whether its dry, oily or in between, most skin types require an effective, daily skincare regimen to help reveal its true beauty. Dr. Jeffrey Dover, dermatologist and creator of CVS/pharmacy exclusive product line skin effects™ by Dr. Jeffrey Dover, believes that great skincare is easily attainable and affordable if you follow his 3-step system: 1) Cleanse 2) Treat 3) Prevent.


Beautiful skin requires daily care and maintenance. Skin cleansing is vital to eliminate the effects of pollution, perspiration and grime that cling to the skin, clogging pores. Don’t overdo it− use simple, effective daily cleansing products to maintain overall skin health.


It’s never too late to change your skin destiny, and you can help improve the appearance of your skin and combat the signs of aging by maintaining good habits – such as daily maintenance and care, eating healthy foods and exercise. For minimum care and maximum results – stick with products that improve the overall skin tone and smooth the texture of your skin. Try Skin Effects Cell2Cell Continuous Action Wrinkle Care ($19.99), an advanced technology that delivers a controlled release of ingredients beneath the skin’s surface to provide both immediate and long-term results. It will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and helps to fortify skin, making it look better, stronger and healthier.


There is no time in the day when you shouldn’t have some type of skin care product on your face that helps your skin rejuvenate or prevent premature aging. Sunscreen every day is a must – even if your only sun exposure is the car ride to and from work. Use a daily moisturizer with an SPF like Skin Effects Lightweight Moisturizing Soufflé with SPF 30+ ($15.99) to help moisturize, renew and protect.


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