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12-04-12 | Posted by

BITB has got some news to share, yes, your London contributor is preggo! Given the news, we’ve all gone a bit wild, thinking about pregnancy health and beauty tips, and though it’s pretty early, the thought of giving birth is already starting to scare me a bit. So for all you soon-to-be and new mummies, we’ve put together some advice on what to do if you get the war wounds to show for your little lovely when he or she finally arrives.

Oil Your Bump

No doubt your mum has extolled the benefits of moisturising your bump each day during pregnancy. She’s right of course, but we recommend going a step further; not just any moisturiser will do. In fact, we say, oil on damp skin is the best way to keep your skin in good moisture balance and condition, therefore minimising your chance of getting nasty stretch marks and scars. Think of it this way, you are prepping your skin every day for a BIG event so get it in tip-top condition with bags of elasticity so it is more likely to bounce back unscathed.

We recommend either of these two winners for pregnancy or post-birth:

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil for Firming & Toning (£37)

Made with 100% pure plant extracts including rosemary, geranium and mint, this pregnancy essential is a best-seller that helps firm, tone and improve elasticity in the skin and can help to smoothe the appearance of stretch marks. Rich hazelnut oil locks in moisture to leave skin soft and satiny-smooth. It has a lovely natural-smelling fragrance and there are no preservatives—so nothing to clog your pores or cause irritation for the nine months your skin is at its most sensitive.

Bio Oil (£9.56)

Multi-award winning Bio Oil has become an iconic product in recent years and a household name. It’s certainly kinder on the purse if you’re looking for a less costly alternative to Clarins and we say it does the job adequately, improving the look of stretch marks and providing a good level of moisture. It’s very easily absorbed on damp or dry skin and it’s light and non-greasy. The formulation is a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base.

Scar Saviour

Leaving debate to one side, if you do give birth by Caesarean section, electively or otherwise, the chances are you will have a scar to show for it. For some, this scar tells a happy story and removing it isn’t a consideration. However, for many, scars affect their confidence and for an unlucky few, their scars are disfiguring. Aside from confidence issues, Caesarean scars, depending on their severity, can also cause disproportionate weight dispersal whereby the tummy is no longer able to lay flat; bulging can occur above, below and on either side of the incision.

We’ve done some research at BITB and there aren’t many experts in London, would you believe, so we we’re all really pleased to hear of Dr Robin O’Reilly, who specialises in the post-operative treatment of women, often within just a few weeks of giving birth for best results: “I am passionate about helping women to recover their pre-pregnancy skin as far as possible. Stretch marks and scars are no longer the shameful secret that lurks beneath our clothing. Technology has moved on a long way since our mothers gave birth and with a course of sessions, I see great results amongst my patients. There’s no need to hide any longer.”

The Treatment One of only two highly-skilled practitioners in London offering the service, Dr O’Reilly uses the FDA approved, state-of-the-art fractional laser system, www.palomarmedical.com Palomar StarLux® 1540. Proven highly effective in recent clinical studies in eliminating stretch marks and scarring, the treatment works to improve the cosmetic results following a Caesarian section. Laser energy is delivered in narrow, focused micro beams that create columns of heat in the skin. The heat initiates a natural healing process, stimulating skin tissue renewal, resulting in a fresher, more youthful skin in tone and texture. The fractional, non-ablative approach stimulates quick healing in the dermis while leaving the upper levels of the epidermis intact. The beams penetrate deeper into the dermis than any other competing device for effective, long-term results. With its built-in skin cooling mechanism you feel only minor discomfort during the treatment. There is minimal downtime and no lasting redness or risk of infection. A course of three treatments is advised at monthly intervals. Sessions are priced at £900.

Dr Robin O’Reilly Advanced Medical Aesthetics +44 (0)20 7286 0500.

Don’t hope for the best ladies, prepare for the worst and get scar-solving!

Love from London



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