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07-16-09 | Posted by


Photo Credit: Travelsmith

If you are like most of us Bag Ladies, you carry a trendy, stylishly-oversized bag filled with not only all your beauty “necessities” but a wallet, laptop, cell phone, water bottle, glasses, comfortable shoes to wear when no one is looking , etc.  We throw this 10 pound bag over one shoulder and lug it wherever we go.

If you read BEAUTYINTHEBAG you are up on the latest beauty items, but it is not so beautiful to be walking around tilted sideways to compensate for all this weight. No one looks beautiful with lower back pain. I can’t help you with all of the other stuff, but I can help you with what you need to carry in your makeup bag. For some women, this bag is heavier then their laptop!

FACE – My absolute favorite, favorite product is oil blotting tissue. A dab instantly refreshes your entire face without having to apply new makeup. Dust with some light translucent powder,  a touch of lip gloss (all you need if you are using a lasting lip color) and consider yourself refreshed during the work day. Most premium brands sell oil blotting tissues (MAC, Shiseido, Chanel) but why pay up when you can get them at CVS for a fraction of the cost and they are actually just as good? Some even come with added powder, but I personally don’t care for those as I think they can make skin look pasty. I much prefer a light dusting of powder with a brush. Yes, there are also miniature brush kits.

EYES – If you are going out straight from work, almost every brand these days has miniature version of eye makeup. Look for promotions in all major department stores where they offer a sample size products as Gift With Purchase. These are perfect for carrying around. Do not forget to carry mini eye drops for those red-eye days. According to Dr. Robert McCulloch, eye drops are safe to use if users follow the directions provided. Using it too much can actually cause rebound redness from overuse.

LIPS – I love the new lipsticks that have stay on power. I use one in the morning to line and fill in (lip liner that shows is VERY aging, so use same color to line and fill). All you need to carry in you bag to refresh is a tinted lip gloss .

Carry a medium size makeup bag that easily fits into your bag. If you can’t get in all of your makeup, you are carrying around way too much. Remember, in summer less makeup is much more flattering. I might let you carry a few more beauty products in winter, so stay tuned if you are freaked out by my suggestion to downsize!

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