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Summer is over (sigh) and school is back in session. Whether you’re finishing high school or starting college – it’s going to be stressful to the max. That means fighting oil slick, breakouts, redness, and sensitivities when you want to look your best for that all important first impression.

“The first thing to remember is breakouts come and go, they’re not the end of the world,” says Alexis Vogel, makeup artist to the stars. “There are plenty of great products on the market to help keep your skin stay soft and supple so you can have the best time of your life”


Photo Credit: Biore.com

The heat and humidity of summer can clog pores with dirt, oil and dead skin cells. So unclog those pores and deep clean your complexion with Biore Combo Pack Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. Simply place them over your nose or other clogged problem areas while you do your math, then whisk them away to put your best face forward. $9.99 per box of 14 pore strips.


Photo Credit: lexli.com

The bane of every teen’s life is unsightly acne. But you can fight back with Lexli’s Aloe-Based Acne Treatment Kit. Most acne products are water-based but your skin cannot absorb water. However, aloe delivers its powerful anti-inflammatory properties right where your skin needs it most. Lexli products are made from the highest quality acne-fighting ingredients making this one of the most potent products on the market. The kit contains Cleanser, Moisturizer, Clarifying Lotion and AloeGlyC Renewing Exfoliant. $51.45 at www.lexli.com.


Photo Credit; amazon.com

If you’ve spent the summer at the beach or in the sun, you’re a prime candidate for Sibu Repair & Protect Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream. This soothing product rejuvenates sun-damaged skin and preserves your healthy skin tone and texture. It also promotes tissue recovery and healing from sunburn. The sea buckthorn berry is rich in vitamin C and E, making it ideal for use in this healing cream. $13.81 from http://www.amazon.com/.


Photo Credit: amazon.com

Ready, set, glow with Love & Toast Honey Nectar Sugar Scrub. This delicious beauty buffer uses orange peel and pomegranate to smooth and soothe.  The antioxidant white ginger helps heal damaged dry skin and the aroma of honey and sun-ripened apricot make this a cheery fusion of fruity happiness. $13 at http://www.amazon.com/.


Photo Credit: drugstore.com

Yuk! Oily skin! Now you can stop looking like you stepped out of the deep fryer, and this product is easy on the pocketbook. Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets will remove excess oil without smudging your makeup! Does it get better than that? Beauty editors rave about this product and we do, too, and the price is right. $5 for 50 sheets.


Photo Credit: soap.com

Experts warn: never go to bed with makeup, even if you’re up long past bedtime. Almay Makeup Remover Towelette packs make it simple as ABC to remove makeup, dirt and oil in one easy step – without water! Plus the disposable towelettes use a blend of aloe, cucumber and green tea to condition and hydrate without irritation. Wake up with a glow, not caked on gunk. $6 where Almay products are sold or at www.soap.com.


Photo Credit: Clearsil.us

One of America’s most trusted names in teen skin care is Clearasil and this Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream gets high marks from those who’ve used it. This handy product dries up and helps heal pimples quickly while absorbing excess oil from the skin. Gentle enough to use daily. About $7 at retailers nationwide.


Photo Credit: amazon.com

Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne have all endorsed Proactiv – the famously effective acne treatment. One of their highest rated items is the Proactiv Solution Original Repairing Lotion. This combination therapy can be used on active acne and to prevent new blemishes from forming. It heals existing problems while attacking the bacteria that can make you miserable. It leaves the skin feeling silky and soft. Perfect for caressing! $15 nationwide or from www.Amazon.com.


Photo Credit; comodynes.net

Get rid of unsightly dead skin and cleanse pores on the go with the conveniently packaged Comodynes Easy Peeling New Face Effect Towelettes. Use once or twice a week to stimulate new cells. In only 7 days, you should notice an improvement. The towelettes have a refreshing scent and can be used on both face and body. Simply toss when done. $23.45 for an 8-pack at www.Amazon.com or visit www.comodynes.net.


Photo Credit: JaneIredale.com

Jane Iredale’s Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer is a double-ended blemish treatment stick that will conceal while it heals to leave skin looking radiant. Zap is a clear stick containing beneficial antiseptic and anti-inflammatory botanicals, while Hide is a highly pigmented, creamy concealer to cover the blemish. Zap&Hide is powerful and effective, but gentle enough to be used as often as needed. Keep your skin looking fresh and clean all day long. $26 at http://www.janeiredale.com/.


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