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09-30-13 | Posted by


Need a checklist? Use a bingo card!

Everyone knows that we can’t stick to one makeup application routine for the rest of the academic year, because aside from the fact that there’s no single makeup for all seasons, this will just make us look dull and boring. Besides, we wouldn’t want to be tagged as someone who doesn’t take risks when it comes to combinations in cosmetics. Why do we need to wear makeup? The information site Wise Geek gave us a few reasons. Applying cosmetics enhances our natural beauty, and it even adds to our physical allure. Makeup also gives women a boost in confidence, which we all need to face the world.

Now that school has officially started, it won’t hurt to look at the latest makeup trends that we can follow so we’ll have fresh looks when we grace the hallways and parties for the year. To add a twist, we can ask our girlfriends to participate in a little game of Makeup Bingo. This can also serve as our checklist, plus we can always agree on little prizes (like the newest Cherry Lip Balm or Body Butter from The Body Shop) for the first girl who completes the bingo card. Makeup bingo was popular among the beauty enthusiasts in the interactive online community of foxybingo, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t try it ourselves. The promise of a prize while trying different makeup trends is definitely an exciting prospect.

Which makeup trends should be part of our bingo card? Here are the top looks from Seventeen.com:

· Matte Lips – use bright colors with a shine-free finish
· Barely There – dab on some concealer, then touch the corner of your eyes with white eyeshadow
· Major Lashes – try falsies, but swipe on a little mascara for volume
· Purple Shadows – violet makeup is all the rage this fall
· Burnt Rose – match your rose-colored gloss with taupe eyeshadow for a boho vibe
· Orange Shadows – similar to neutral tones; pair with black eyeliner
· Berry Lips – dark lipstick complements the autumn chill
· Grey Smoky Eyes – add a hint of sparkle to soften the look
· Smudged Eyeliner – use soft kohl pencil, then smudge with sponge
· Double-winged – cat eyeliner with liquid liner follow-up

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