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08-14-10 | Posted by

25% of Women and 40% of Men are Affected by

Hereditary Hair Loss

You know the feeling – hairs in the sink after you brush, stray hairs showing up on your pillow, and a brush loaded with hair every time you run it through your hair – these could be signs of hereditary hair loss and it’s not a pretty picture.  An overactive thyroid, hormones, stress, crash dieting, vitamin deficiencies, aging, genetics, menopause and pregnancies can all play a dramatic role on hair loss in women.

“Typically we lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day, but a consistent loss of 150 or more hairs is considered significant,” says Dr. Robert Leonard. Hereditary Hair Loss differs from temporary hair loss (Telogen Effluvium), which can occur as a result of hormones, thyroid conditions and certain medications.  With Telogen Effuluvium, hair will grow back on its own.  “I ask my patients to run their fingers through their hair. If eight to ten hairs come out with the bulb attached, this may indicate excessive hair loss,” says Dr. Leonard.

Early treatment, prevention and gentle care are keys to overcoming hair loss, which unfortunately is very common in women from the 20s on up to post menopause.  According to Dermatologist Dr. Ken Washenik, “ROGAINE® (i.e. topical minoxidil) is the first line of attack for at-home treatment of hair loss. It also fits very nicely into a combined approach of topical treatment and oral medication because it helps maintain, preserve and regrow hair. It will not interfere but will make other treatments more effective.”

What are the best treatments?

  • Topical Minoxidil – Rogaine for Women
  • Low Level Laser Therapy – Erchonia® THL-1, Hairmax Laser Comb, ApiraScience Revage670


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