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With a brand filled with cheeky skincare products (no pun intended) to her credit – Picture Porefect pore minimizing solution and Poetry in Lotion intensive retinol 1.0, to name a few -  Dr. Kunin has built a range of products that resonate with consumers. Her website serves as a virtual doctor’s office, where she answers readers’ pressing skincare questions, and even gleans inspiration for new product concepts to meet their needs. Talk about targeted market research!


What are some of the biggest skincare mistakes women make?
Overusing unnecessary steps in their skincare. The cosmetic industry has programmed women to use a toner and apply a moisturizer daily. Toners don’t tend provide a true benefit and a moisturizer is not always necessary. Look to apply a product that produces results such as an anti-aging treatment. The vehicle (cream) the product comes in will moisturize the skin. Also, don’t forget to wear your SPF 30 daily.
What is your vision for the flagship DERMAdoctor store?
My vision is to be able to expand upon my ten year mission to help accurately educate the public about all matters with regard to skin health and beauty and to provide the necessary solutions.
Where do you get your inspiration for product launches?
The online advice column I have written for ten years has provided a wealth of insight into what the consumer is truly seeking and where the gaps are in skincare.  Combined with my personal love of dermatology compounding, this has led me to be able to develop medically effective and cosmetically desirable problem solving skincare treatments.
What product are you most proud of?
KP Duty
. One out of every two people worldwide has keratosis pilaris, a condition that many people call “chicken skin bumps” on the arms and legs.  While it is merely a cosmetic nuisance, it is unsightly and can be quite embarrassing. I am extremely proud to have developed a patent pending treatment that addresses all aspects of this condition.
What is your personal beauty routine?
Cleanse with DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Cleanser 3 twice daily.  Apply my DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Facial Cream and Eye Balm every morning followed by my SPF 30. In the evening, I alternate Tazorac Cream with my DERMAdoctor Poetry in Lotion.
Are you a mom?
Yes I am!  I am the proud mother to two children: a 14 year old son, Matthew, and an 8 year old daughter, Sophie.
What’s your favorite bag?
A purple Dior doctor’s handbag!

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  1. admin Says:

    Great to see a self made woman running the show – and a mom too!

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