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Listen up men: you need to take care of your skin. We’re not asking for much effort and time but a little care will go a long way. Actually, more than 97 percent of women in the U.S. say it’s important for guys to have clear and smooth skin. And we know, based on independent research, that almost half of U.S. men never use face wash or a face moisturizer. Fortunately for you, there are two new skincare lines specifically for your face that will give you the moisture and protection you need – FAST.

Photo Credit: dove.com

Photo Credit: dove.com

Dove Men+Care, the brand’s first men’s face care line, is built around three easy steps that leaves nothing to chance. The first step is the Face Wash ($6), which effectively cleans while moisturizing. The step two Shave Gel ($5) fights irritation and razor burn while leaving the face touchably smooth. The gel formula foams quickly with a rich, creamy, gentle lather. The third step gives men a choice—either the Post-Shave Balm ($6.49) with vitamin B5 to relieve irritation and hydrates skin, or Face Care with SPF 15, a quick absorbing moisturizer and full spectrum sun screen.

According to Rob Candelino, Vice President of Unilever Skincare, Dove’s parent company,“Men today have a great deal to care about—from their families to their careers—but they don’t always give their personal care the same level of attention. Neglecting to properly cleanse and moisturize their skin, or doing so but using harsh products like regular soap, all contribute to a  man’s face looking tired and feeling worn. New Dove Men+Care Face products seek to help men eliminate needless torture from their grooming routine and help put their best face forward when it matters most.”

The line aims to tackle some of men’s most common skin issues from dryness and shaving irritation to sensitivity and blocked pores. The Men+Care also offers a variety of specific solutions designed for  different skin types including one for dry skin, sensitive skin, and Revitalize+, which instantly revives skin with a light and refreshing formula.

Axe Face Products

Photo Credit: amazon.com

And for a younger demographic, AXE FACE has all bases covered. A recent AXE survey found that more than half of 18- to 24-year-old guys have oily, sensitive, or combination skin but 21 percent of guys still don’t do anything to clear up these facial irritations. Although 87 percent of young men wash their face every day, only one third use face wash—14 percent rely on water and, yikes, 18 percent are using shampoo to do the job.

“AXE is reminding guys how important, yet easy, it is to take care of their skin,” said  Candelino. “We listen to our consumers and understand what guys want when it comes to grooming.”

From oily and dry to combination skin, the AXE FACE range comprises four variants that target common skin conditions in a variety of gel- and cream-based products. The AXE Chilled Variant refreshes skin; the Shield Variant keeps sensitive skin hydrated;. the Boost Variant uses micro-beads to stimulate and energize tired-looking skin; and the Controil Variant is an exfoliating scrub that combats oily skin by removing excess oil and impurities. AXE Face Range product options include Face Wash ($6) in all four variants, Shave Gel ($5) in AXE Chilled and Shield variants, and AXE Hydrator ($9), a 2-in-1 post-shave gel and moisturizer, available as a Chilled gel or Shield cream texture.

With the addition of the Dove and Axe lines for men, they have no more excuse for “borrowing” your beauty essentials.

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