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02-21-15 | Posted by

I have more than my fair share of makeup brushes. It’s hard not to when you’ve been writing about beauty products for years. Unfortunately for me, the thing they do best  is sit there and look pretty in the vintage crystal glass in my bathroom because while I like the idea of them I’m a bit uneasy about actually using them.

Since I’ve been wearing makeup, I’ve been happy enough with the results I get from using my fingers, but different application techniques give different results and it would be nice to step my makeup game every now and then. That’s why I turned to Jo Levy, Director of Artistry for Rouge Bunny Rouge for a crash course in perfecting my technique. Here, Jo offers advice on how to use your fingers, sponges and makeup brushes for pro results every time.

  • Fingertips: One of the benefits of using your fingertips when applying make up is that products, liquids in particular, can easily warm up and spread evenly on skin. Specifically, creamy concealers, liquid highlighters and cream blushes work well when applied with fingertips. The key is to apply a small, pea sized amount onto fingertips and then use the back of your hand to tap out excess product before tapping and blending onto skin.
  • Sponge: One of the benefits of using a sponge when applying make up is that it allows you to conservatively control the amount of product that you are applying onto skin. I specifically prefer latex sponge to be used with liquids such as medium to full coverage liquid foundations since you can squeeze or press more coverage onto skin where needed. Apply a pea to a dime-sized amount of product onto sponge, then gently press and fold the sponge to disburse the product evenly onto both ends of the sponge and proceed with application.
  • Makeup Brushes: There are many benefits of using brushes since they offer the most precision and often require you to use less product since the hairs found on brushes evenly disburse product along skin and often allow you to use less product vs. a sponge which will absorb some product. Brushes can be used with liquids, powders and creams. When applying a brush into a product, tap off any excess if its a powder and tap onto the back of your hand before applying a liquid to ensure that you are not applying too much onto the face. Note:  I prefer synthetic brushes with liquids or creams and natural bristle brushes with pressed or loose powders.



Beautyblender ($19.95)  has a curved shape making it easy to get into all areas of the face plus it’s manufactured with an open cell structure that allows it to fill with small amounts of water so the makeup isn’t absorbed into the sponge, allowing for less waste. Also from Beautyblender, try their Liquid Blendercleanser ($17.95) to keep your little pink magic sponge clean and free of residue in between applications.

beautyblender (Credit: Sephora)


Tweezerman Pro Curl Eyelash Curler ($20)  From the best little tweezer maker around, this professional curler is all that. ProCurl has a larger opening and a narrow top bar that was designed to adapt flawlessly to every eye shape, with a thick, soft pad that is easier to use, even for novices. We also love the striking rose gold finish.



Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Chapman Bold Metals Collection ($16-$26 per brush) recently launched this line of cruelty-free, gorgeous premium brushes. They feature super-soft, ultra-high grade synthetic bristles and are weighted so they sit perfectly in the hand for ease of application.

Bold Metals Collection (Credit: Real Techniques)


Antonym Makeup Brushes ($8 – $30 per brush) are certified vegan and eco-friendly. They’re made of the highest quality synthetic bristles, sustainable bamboo and aluminum ferules and the pickup is comparable to the finest natural bristles. Sold individually or in various brush sets of 6 to 17 pieces, these are a real bargain beauty find.


Antonym Brushes Collection (Credit: Antonym)




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