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Posted by 03.09.09


KIEHLS ABYSSINE CREAM – Abyssine, according to Kiehls, is a “survival molecule” that comes from the sea. It is combined with Coralline Extract, another sea element derived from red algae to reverse wrinkles. The de-aging mission in this face cream is to fight free radicals with these mineral rich oceanic components and antioxidants. Although I have heard this is a popular Kiehls product, and there are many die hard Kiehls fans out there, I found this cream to be far too heavy, even for my dry skin. It is thick and for me at least, doesnt absorb as beautifully as other anti-aging creams in my medicine cabinet. The texture is also not what I consider refined or luxurious. There is an SPF version of Abyssine Cream for those of you who want to use it for daytime.

FINAL VERDICT – ICW (IT CAN WAIT) – For $45 its not too bad price wise but it just doesn’t compel me to get it again.

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  1. placido Says:

    did anyone try the abyssine serum?

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