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06-13-11 | Posted by

Photo Credit: lauramercier.com

In celebration of the colors of summer, for this week’s Gorgeous Giveaway we have 3 of the Laura Mercier Zen Face Palette (a $60 value) to give to our lucky winners. The palette features 4 eye colors, 4 lip glazes and 1 coordinating blush shade – all intended for you to create a customized, harmonious look.

The shade selection of this limited-edition palette was inspired by a serene Zen garden. The eye colors include Willow, Haze, Wisteria and Midnight Jade. The lip glazes are Black Currant, Lotus Bloom, Stone Beige and Beach Blossom. The cheek color is Plum.


To Enter: Tell us what color you just love to wear in the summer and how it makes you feel. Could be the color of your favorite outfit or even lipstick!


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*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 6/13 at 11 AM EST and ends 6/16 at 11 PM EST.


  1. baybay11 Says:

    I love the light, neutral colors, that make me feel free and airy!

  2. agster Says:

    I love to rotate my eye color, but ,my go to is a gold and willow. The lippie I enjoy in the summer months is lotus bloom or just a clear lip shine. I always use a primer in the summer months to set my look and not have to worry about my make up disappearing.

  3. agster Says:

    Email 2 from agster: This zen palette is a great prize. Thank you. I wanted to add that my polished, summer look makes me feel fresh and natural. Thanks for the chance. Agi agster73@yahoo

  4. rubyfizzle Says:

    Thanks for the chance! Tweeted my response: http://twitter.com/januarywins/status/80317526483017729

    januarywins at hotmail dot com

  5. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    I love a bright espadrille or wedge in the summer! It makes me smile, feels warm and sunny, and makes me feel sexy!

  6. dchylik Says:

    I love to wear a pink lip stick just makes me feel happy an bright in the summer an more girly 😀

  7. jkuoha Says:

    I love corals for summer – so fresh!

  8. TammyKicak Says:

    I love peachy-pink. It makes me feel happy because it looks good on my skin, is my best color in the summer 🙂

  9. suepompetti Says:

    I am very fair skinned, so I like to use a rosy bronze to give me some summer color 🙂

  10. krissynine Says:

    Love to wear coral or other ‘beachy’ type colors – my skin seems to glow even more!

  11. michellemom Says:

    Coral is my favorite color to wear in the summer. It’s the perfect color that compliments any skin tone.

  12. tat2gurl Says:

    Plums,Peaches and Pinks make me feel me feel so sexy and cool in the summer heat!

  13. Cerrisse85 Says:

    I love to wear hot pink. It’s so fun and flirty, makes me feel so girly.

  14. heartluce Says:

    I love plum shades they remind me of delicious ripe plums we used to climb trees in CA to pick! I love the zen colors and names in this kit. I think I could just meditate on it for a while. It’s gorgeous and perfect for summer.

  15. adrian r Says:

    I love to wear hot pink anbd coral. Not together, but I love the feel of being splashed with a bright shade in the hot weather.

  16. adrian r Says:

    I love to wear hot pink and coral. Not together, but I love the feel of being splashed with a bright shade in the hot weather.

  17. amanda029 Says:

    Jus love bright colours

  18. sonset Says:

    I love to wear bright pink or royal blue in the summer. It makes my eyes look very blue. I feel more confident when I when I wear colors that are flattering.

  19. toonces1989 Says:

    Orange! I makes be feel happy (and tan)

  20. eyylingling Says:

    I like wearing something that makes my skin glow like bronzer and blush with glitter specks in it to look that I’ve been out in the sun, blushing a natural blush 😀

  21. sweets5260 Says:

    I love to wear bronzer with a bright pink lipstick; the brightness of the lipstick reflects the intense energy that summer brings!!!!

  22. LilyIvette Says:

    I love corals, peach pinks on lips and cheeks! Greens and turquoise for the eyes! Those colors are great for summer wardrobe too!

  23. Supernatural Botanicals Says:

    I love, love, love coral (reddish-orange) for lips and cheeks in the summer. Sometimes I’ll even use cheek color over my lids for a super healthy radiance. Coral works so great with summer. Love it!

  24. gingerpye Says:

    I love wearing a light minty green. It makes me feel summery & mysterious.

  25. kellylight Says:

    my favorite color to wear in the summer is yellow. It makes my tan glow and my dark hair and eyes pop. I always get lots of compliments when I wear it.

  26. CJD1211 Says:

    I love yellow and plums! make me feel all girly and cute inside for the summer time!

  27. Kristen D Says:

    I love a shimmering gold for my eyes. It makes my green eyes pop!

  28. Liz Says:

    I love wearing neutrals for clothing so that I can wear the really fun colors for accessories. Turquoises, corals, , tiffany blue and lime green looks GREAT when paired with colors like black, brown or taupe.

  29. valkry Says:

    I wear my normal colors…it’s less about the season and more about what looks good with my hair color & skin tone.

  30. Chrise01 Says:

    Love to wear bring pinks (lip gloss, nail polish) – it just makes me feel summery & happy!

  31. Missy83 Says:

    I like soft and light colors in the summer. I like lavender purple, light browns…when I go out at night I love the smokie eye with a little hit of pink.

  32. FaerieMoonfire Says:

    I LOVEEEEEEEEE vibrant colors like purples, magentas, fuchsia, pinks…those hues. I wear clothes those colors in the summer so I generally go with what matches. Plus I love how it makes my eyes pop since I have dark eyes. 🙂

  33. matzsmith Says:

    Blue and the more brilliant the better!! Shimmery, matte, light cotton, ez on the poly, sandals, earrings, anything!! Love that pallet too, except there’s no blue in it!!

  34. meandbella Says:

    i love a bright pink such as lady gaga via glam!

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

  35. abpositive Says:

    i love golds! so shimmery

  36. Lisa Says:

    I wear a variety of the color green. Green is a very earthy color and it makes me feel very serene.

  37. mefink Says:

    Peach is my favorite color for shirts.It is colorful and and brightens up your summer wardrobe.

  38. medea Says:

    I love to wear turquoise because it allows me to walk in the spirit of the Caribbean even when I am just walking into work on a Monday. It is a peaceful and happy color that spells vacation!

  39. LightBlue415 Says:

    I love to wear Coral! It looks great on my fair skin with a little tan. Looks great shooping or on the beach! It is a great color to work with different eyeshadow and blush colors. Just a fun summer color!

  40. Disneygirl07 Says:

    I love yellow and pic! Bright colors make me happy, just like summer!

  41. Disneygirl07 Says:

    I love yellow and pink! Bright colors make me happy, just like summer!

  42. littlewonder Says:

    I love to wear the color of turquoise during the summer, its so fresh!! I tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/hillary3d/status/80858917348982784

  43. HelenaR3 Says:

    I like to wear Shimmer Bronzer 😀

  44. Ms. Aja Says:

    I like to wear lots of coral shades in the summer. Coral brightens up my spirit and warms up my complexion, makes me feel young and sexy!

  45. mom4everandever Says:

    PINKS mrs.mommyyatgmail

  46. dropastitch Says:

    I wear colors with a light touch of rose during the summer. Light, fresh, no heavy makeup!!!

  47. mistyfuji Says:

    I love wearing purples & earth tones. I think they compliment my summer skin color & they make me feel young & uncomplicated.

  48. Lindsay Says:

    I like to wear purple in the summer especially in flower prints. Not only is it my favorite color but not a lot of people wear the color. Purple can make any outfit look soft, pleasant, and soothing. It can also make someone look like royalty or look sexy. But when I wear purple, I feel relaxed and comfortable in the summer.

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