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11-29-10 | Posted by

Photo Credit: www.kerastase-usa.com

For this week’s Gorgeous Giveaway, we have 3 tubes of
Kérastase Sérum Nuit (a $65 value), courtesy of the hair gurus at
Anushka Salon & Spa in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida.

From the award winning, prestige hair care line available at the finest salons around the country, Kérastase Sérum Nuit is an overnight softening treatment for thick hair. It combines amino acids and a vitamin E derivative to help restore and renew the hair’s fiber and create a light protective veil, while silk proteins provide supple softness. The end result is shine, softness and manageability, plus protection from daytime aggressors.

To Enter: Tell us your most horrendous salon experience (it’s ok  to be brutal!).

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to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 11/29 at 11 AM EST and ends at 11 PM EST 12/2.

4 Responses to “Another Gorgeous Giveaway – KÉRASTASE SÉRUM NUIT”

  1. hellenmarley Says:

    My most horrendous, revolting salon experience happened four years ago. My hair has always been dark, therefore during the summer I wanted a very dramatic change, so when I got back to school everyone would notice it. Since my mom is blonde, I expressed my interest to the hair stylist in changing my hair color. She looked really young, but she assured me that I would go from pitch black hair, to blonde in just a couple hours. Since she was the professional, and I was just the client, I completely believed her. Well, after the first attempt and a couple hours, the color didn’t change at all. She tried again, and again. Three times into dying my hair, wasting the whole day, being exhausted, hungry, and after some of my hair started falling out she decided to give up. The only thing that happened was that my roots on top turned orange, but besides that the ends didn’t even change shades. Either way I ended up paying a couple hundred dollars, because I felt bad at the time that she spend the whole day on me. After this awful event my hair was still falling everytime I brushed and washed my hair. It was very damaged that I had to cut it, so I went from lower back lenght to shoulder lenght. No more desire on going blonde ever again! My mom can have all the blonde hair she wants, I will always be known as my dad’s girl I guess with very dark hair. haha

  2. matzsmith Says:

    I can’t say I really have one. I can share with you the best though. My husband and I went for a spontaneous day trip. We stopped at a diner or breakfast place and enjoyed our meal. I was admiring the waitress’s hair on her several visits to our table. When she brought the check, I told her what a great cut she has and where does she get it. She gave me the her dressers card and directions. I called and the dresser she see’s was not available but another one was, would I like that one, I thought what the heck and made the appointment. An hour or so later we arrived and I was taken to the wash station (always my favorite part), and then sat in ‘Tom’s chair’. He asked the standard question “What kind of cut are you wanting?” I gave my usual reply, “I don’t like bi-level hair and I don’t want one piece of hair to be able to get into my eyes when the wind blows (no lipstick whiskers either for that matter), Give me the best you’ve got.” I told him some of the quirks of my hair and he got to snippin’. I had fairly long hair at the time. He commented when through, “I don’t usually get to do a ‘cut’, mostly just ‘trim it up’, You made my day.” He made my day and gave me one of the best cuts I’d had. We still drive a coupla hours to get a cut on our spontaneous day trips. Just a note, he is the 4th person to cut my hair is all the 25 years I’ve been doing the salon.

  3. calidreamin87 Says:

    My worst salon experience was when I went to get my roots done, from brown to blonde, and I ended up getting all my hair turned orange! Carrot orange! The worst part was she couldn’t take me back to fix it for 2 weeks! 🙁

  4. carolynishis Says:

    I am a big big fan on facebook as Carolyn Barnett and i am tweeting as @carolynishis

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