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06-27-11 | Posted by

Is your skin showing signs of sun exposure in the form of discoloration or brown spots?  If yes, this week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY is perfect for you. We have three sets of the new
elure Advanced Skin Lightening System (a $335 value)
from Syneron-Candela to give to this week’s lucky winners
of our beauty giveaway.

Just possibly one of the biggest real advances in skin lightening in the last 50 years, the elure system works to reduce melanin, the real cause of discoloration, in the skin. The three-part program feature a brand new formula based on lignin peroxidase, a naturally occurring enzyme derived from a tree fungus, which temporarily reduces melanin, the dark colored pigment in the skin.

Clinical results are very supportive of elure’s effectiveness. In a recent study, 82% of subjects observed significant reversal of discoloration after 28 days of use.

The elure regimen features three key products – Advanced Lightening Lotion, Advanced Lightening Night Cream and Advanced Facial Wash. Ligne peroxidase, the key ingredient, is a safe alternative to the controversial hydroquinone, which has been known to create irritation, contact dermatitis and even postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. Another advantage of elure is that it actually improves the quality of the skin in addition to reducing uneven discoloration caused by aging and sun damage.

To Enter: Tell us your favorite way to protect
your skin from the sun – hat, sunscreen, stay indoors or
any other trick you would like to share.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post

TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

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*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 6/27 at 11 AM EST and ends 6/30 at 11 PM EST.


  1. Disneygirl07 Says:

    Sunscreen all the way!!!

  2. evrywoman Says:

    My favorite way to protect my skin is by making my own tinted moisturizer. I mix my foundation with the sunscreen and add a dap of favorite moisturizer.

  3. astroqueen67 Says:

    I wear a high SPF sunscreen and a hat if I have to be outside. Otherwise I have to avoid the sun because of my fair skin 🙁

  4. MizCindyHead Says:

    Yes, I need this, we go fishing every weekend and though I use suncreen 30 on my face its has brown sopts all over it. I haven’t found anything that works on the yet. I am 52 years old, so they make look alot older. thanks

  5. visagurl Says:

    im actually allergic to the sun, so i wear a light, thin, long sleeve shirt, hat, sunglasses, and of course, sunscreen

  6. szawadzke Says:

    I wear sunscreen!

  7. hmcnaron Says:

    I wear sunblock under my makeup when I know I’ll be outdoors. Otherwise a nice wide-brimmed hat does the trick, even if I look a little silly sometimes.

  8. adrian r Says:

    sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen! I love the sun but always make sure I am protected.

  9. nutmeg237 Says:

    I love being outdoors so a great hat is a must. I have a few straw hats that I love because they filter the air and keep you cool while helping protect against the suns harsh rays, I always apply a moisturize with spf as well.

  10. matzsmith Says:

    SPF 80, hat with drape around it, especially for yard work.

  11. smjnrtj Says:

    I always wear a hat. Makeup with an spf is a must, but if it’s a no makeup day then definitely adding some moisturizer with sunscreen!

  12. sonset Says:

    I do several things to keep the sun off my face. I like to wear a sunhat while I’m walking or spend much time in the sun and I do like to wear products with spf. 30. I do have some sun spots that I believe were brought on by damage when I was younger. My grandmother used to say to stay out of the sun. So I try not to stay out long.

  13. pbuck Says:

    I wear daily sunscreen, but when I’m in the sun all day at the pool, I wear and reapply stronger sunscreen, and wear my big floppy hat!
    I still have wrinkles and drooping, as well as spots and discoloration!

  14. conniecushman Says:

    I wear a giant sun hat and sun glasses! Very Jackie O!

  15. Chrise01 Says:

    Sunscreen and a hat!

  16. miriama59 Says:

    I stay out of the heat for the most part. But when I need to get out there I use sunscreen, wear sunglasses and a hat..

  17. ShawnaMichelle2 Says:

    I seek shade, try to avoid direct sun exposure between 10 a.m. & 4 p.m and absolutely always wear a Broad-spectrum with SPF 15 or higher on my skin!

  18. dropastitch Says:

    since having cancer on my face….I SLATHER on the sunscreen to protect my skin!! SPF50 for me.

    tweeting the giveaway @dropastitch

    Liked Elure on Facebook amy rouse

    Like you on FB amy rouse

  19. rozpk2 Says:

    I wear sunscreen, hat, stay indoors, under trees, my co-workers tease me that I’m a vampire but I still have either age spots or sun spots, I guess the small amount of sun from driving, walking into work and trips to the store still add up even with sunscreen. I NEED THIS SO BAD. Thanks Beauty in the bag!

  20. alyssabubbleteax3 Says:

    my favorite way to protect my skin is by wearing a sunscreen with spf 30 or higher and i also where my sunglasses and sometimes a nice hat!

    email: elanadiaries@gmail(dot)com

  21. dragonfly777 Says:

    Avoid the sun 10am to 2pm if possible and wear high spf of 30 🙂

  22. alyssabubbleteax3 Says:

    i tweeted!

    email: elanadiaries@gmail(dot)com

  23. alyssabubbleteax3 Says:

    i liked on facebook “Alyssa For—-”

    email: elanadiaries@gmail(dot)com

  24. candy3440 Says:

    I wear a great wide-brimmed hat and slather on plenty of sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Oh, and I ALWAYS take care to reapply every 60-80 minutes!

  25. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    My fav way to stay save is sunscreen and big sunglasses. I also love to use leave in conditioner in my hair to help give it some sun protection. It never hurts to wear SPF clothing too!

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