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08-15-11 | Posted by

This week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY features a closely
guarded firming recipe handed down for generations.
We have 3 sets of the new Wei East Chestnut Firming and Lifting trio of products (a total value of $116) to give to our lucky winners. The trio features the innermost lining of the Chinese Chestnut, cherished for its firming benefits by generations of Chinese women. The products also feature a special extraction of Black Soy peptides, which when combined with Chestnut is said to deliver dramatic firming and lifting properties.

The trio includes:

Wei East Chestnut Extra Firming Cream –  lifts, firms and tightens skin, improving overall tone and resiliency.

Wei East Chestnut Firming & Contouring Pads – reverses age-related drooping and sagging with a quick convenient treatment.

Wei East Chestnut Refirming Eye Treatment – lifts, tones and re-contours the entire eye area naturally.

To Enter: Tell us your favorite soy-based food – is it tofu, soy milk, edamame, etc. – let us know.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post

TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 8/15 at 11 AM EST and ends 8/18 at 11 PM EST.


  1. cfd29153 Says:

    Soy milk

  2. abijo Says:

    I love soy sauce I add it to absolutely everything! xxx

  3. wmn2wmn10 Says:

    I love love love eddamaes omg with salt or cold or warm. even blend them up with aloe vira juice and drink it in the morning. it give you great energy and cleans out your system… wonderful stuff. i also use soy milk on my ceral for a snack in stead of a big dinner i eat a small dinner then if i get hundry i have a bowl of shredded wheat with soy milk.. my digestion has never been better.

  4. fallenskid Says:

    My favorite soy product is edamame!

  5. mrsbootc Says:

    fav soy based food is “toby’s pate”.

  6. szawadzke Says:


  7. melissaboyte Says:

    put me down for some chocolate soy milk love!

  8. nilav2 Says:

    favorite soy-based food is Tofu( fried tofu)

  9. Missy83 Says:

    I’ve never eaten any soy based food except soy sauce on chinese food and its so good.

  10. textiff Says:

    My favorite soy-based food is soy milk!

  11. toonces1989 Says:

    If I have to say just one I’ll pick edamame! I love soy!

  12. MizCindyHead Says:

    Soy sauce, love it on chicken and in other meals. I also like firm tofu, great to use in meals

  13. EllenSt4 Says:

    I eat very little meat, so Tofu is my go to mainstay. It can be incredibly delicious if prepared well…in anything from ‘veggie burgers’ to stir fried tofu in curry. Tofu can be as simple, or as elegant, as the chef chooses to make it.

  14. heartluce Says:

    These products look incredible. I’ve always wanted to try Wei East and I’m loving that these have natural healthy beauty ingredients. My favorite soy-based product is soy sauce. I adore the flavor. I love to cook up some rice, add fresh veggies and soy sauce for a delicious vegetarian dinner.

  15. Lin82 Says:

    I love tofu, and can eat large amounts of it often! 🙂

  16. sugar Says:

    I LOVE Silk chocolate soy milk! Better than any chocolate milk I ever tasted. I have been thanked by friends for recommending Silk to them especially the chocolate version.

  17. Votrebelle Says:

    Chocolate Soy Milk! A naughty little indulgence 😉

  18. rinnytintin Says:

    Chicken fried tofu from Whole Foods is to die for!!!!

  19. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    edamame! Yum!!


  20. soccermon1 Says:

    Soy sauce

  21. sonset Says:

    My doctor told me the best way to eat soy is in it’s natural state so I eat edamame.It’s fabulous for an appetizer. Occasionally I like firm tofu lightly browned with gluten free soy sauce on top of my sauteed vegetables.

  22. smjnrtj Says:

    soy milk…it tastes great and is easy on my system!

  23. mishamuse Says:

    We love edemame as a snack at our house!

  24. berykute Says:

    Soy Ice Cream!! Yum!

  25. tiramisu Says:

    My favorite soy-based food is Tofutti! Does that count? It’s like ice cream but made from soy, and it’s yummy!

  26. chrystal Says:

    edamame! so good, love to pop the soy beans into my mouth one at a time! not only does it taste good, but it’s entertaining too!

  27. evrywoman Says:

    I love, love Tofu in my Pad Thai.

  28. Dyane78 Says:

    I like the nuty savory taste of tempeh over tofu! Tempeh is made from soybeans – but it actually has a higher nutritional content than tofu. Also tempeh are packed into a cake that’s easy to slice and cook until crispy and browned. The high protein content makes it a great alternative to meat. Try making Tempeh Tacos!

  29. Evi55 Says:

    I have a great recipe for an Edamame Dip! So for now, edamame is my favorite.

  30. lolamichele Says:

    I love tofu, especially in hot and sour soup.


  31. sweeper Says:

    I really like soy milk..it taste great with certain cereals. my twitter name is sweeper78

  32. hmcnaron Says:

    I love edamame! With salt.

  33. lindabr100 Says:

    Soy mik is the best to me.

  34. collifornia Says:

    soy milk!! 🙂

  35. wendyday25 Says:

    mine is soy milk because it is good for the body and has a lot of antioxidants over regular milk.

  36. alishaannm@yahoo.com Says:

    Never tried soy sause till I married my husband who loves it.Now we BOTH LOVE it,Thanks

  37. agster Says:

    soy milk, yummy

  38. fairydancer Says:

    Hate tofu, but love soy milk in my cheerios with blueberries

  39. ImHisBella813 Says:

    Being lactose intolerant, vanilla soy milk is one of the best inventions ever! I can actually eat cereal, cook, bake, and indulge in soy whey protein shakes without being miserable anymore! The addition of chocolate soy milk is so great for my daughter who is lactose intolerant as well! Now she does not load up on soda and high sugared drinks and I can feel good about what she is ingesting without dealing with tummy aches later!

    Also, I am on a high protein diet after a recent surgery, so edamame is a god send to get my protein in for the day! LOVE Love Love Soy products!

    Tweeted as well (ImHisBella813)
    Thanks for the opportunity to try this!

  40. shopalot Says:

    My favorite is tofu!

  41. lanieekat Says:

    light chocolate soymilk is my favorite product.

  42. sue345678 Says:

    My favorite is marinated tofu!


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