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08-08-11 | Posted by

For this week’s contest we are giving away one of the BITB’s favorite tools – the BeautyBlender Cosmetic Sponge. We have 3 BeautyBlender Starter Kits (a $34.95 value), which includes the remarkably versatile makeup application sponge as well as BlenderCleanser, to give to our lucky winners.

Created by celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, BeautyBlender has a unique elliptical shape that makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with ease. Its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face. Furthermore, it’s non-disposable and environmentally friendly, made of latex-free, non-allergenic material. You can clean the sponge with the included BlenderCleanser, a lightly lavender-scented cleanser that is free of dyes and other skin irritants.

As an application tool, BeautyBlender has many uses:

  • Bounce it against your face (a motion known as stippling among makeup artists) when applying makeup to create the best texture and tone.
  • Use the pointed side for hard-to-reach spots like around the nose and mouth and under eyes.
  • Use the round base for foundation and blush on the larger areas of your face like the cheeks, chin and forehead.

Versatile, compact and cleanable – what more could you ask for in an all-in-one makeup tool?

To Enter: Tell us your biggest makeup challenge and
how you cope with it.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post

TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 8/8 at 11 AM EST and ends 8/11 at 11 PM EST.


  1. dropastitch Says:

    My biggest makeup challenge? Dark under eye circles. To deal with it, I try to get plenty of sleep and use a great concealer.

  2. Zenaida Says:

    My biggest makeup challenge is also having dark circles under my eyes. I use a corrector and a concealer. After that I set with my powder.

  3. danyga06 Says:

    acne- use burts bees acne spot treatment and kat von d concealer to hide the dark spot

  4. cyk132 Says:

    I have a hard time concealing the beauty marks and dark spots on my face. I cope by trying to conceal them with concealer, but it doesn’t completely conceal them.

  5. dragonfly777 Says:

    My biggest challenge is keeping my foundation looking good. I’m oily and need foundation for coverage. But, it never stays fresh. Maybe a better application method like the Beauty Blender would help. Thanks!

  6. perfectdefect Says:

    My biggest makeup challenge is dark under eye circles. I use a a mixture of lemon juice with water as a toner to lighten and refresh my skin. I also use a under eye concealer. and I hope I win this give away I could really use it. You guys are awesome! 🙂

  7. bobbysgeel Says:

    Redness on my face is my challenge. I use a green tinted concealer to combat it.

  8. szawadzke Says:

    My biggest beauty challenge is to find a product that totally eliminates blackheads! I’ve started a new skincare regimen that i’m praying will work once and for all!

  9. smartnsnazzy Says:

    Mine is melasma on my face, from being in the sun too much while on The Pill. I use plenty of concealer and sunscreen now!!

  10. Donna R Says:

    My biggest makeup challenge is actually keeping my makeup from having a meltdown in these dog days of summer. Looks great at the beginning of the day…at the end of the day it’s a mess.

  11. sparkle36 Says:

    My biggest make up challenge is dry lips, I carry lip balm and lip gloss with me everywhere I go and I even put lipgloss on before bedtime, cuz ya never know who your gonna kiss in your dreams 🙂

  12. ImHisBella813 Says:

    My biggest makeup challenge is to find a foundation and concealer that provides coverage but also does not dry out my face (I have combination skin), but also does not intensifying the look of the dry patches on my skin. I have coped with it over the years with a lot of trial and error with different brands as well as trying to keep my face as blemish free as possible so I do not have to use as much foundation and concealer.

  13. rpatrick1 Says:

    My biggest makeup challenge is to try to cover acne on my chin and still have it blend into the rest of the face without noticing. Still get that orange tint on the chin, so unappealing. 🙁

  14. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    My biggest makeup challenge is trying to cover my sun spot that appeared above my upper lip a few years ago.. it totally looks like I have a mustache! Ugh!


  15. scmcgee Says:

    My biggest makeup challenge is dark circles under my eyes. I have found if I use a concealer brush to apply the concealer instead of my finger that it goes on better and gives me more coverage.

  16. abitnerdy Says:

    My biggest make up challenge is dark circles. I always have them, even if I get more then enough sleep its insane. I don’t want to cake on the foundation + concealer because I need my make up to last me the entire work day. I feel like it ages, and makes me look a lot more tired than i feel.. booooooo. I use make up primer, tinted moisturizer amazing cosmetic’s concealer and then HD powder to set… but it still doesn’t feel like its enough.. or when i put too much it just likes like too much.

  17. lesleykay Says:

    id say my biggest makeup challenges would probably have to be dark under eye circles and trying to cover them along with having slightly oily skin around my t-zone… hard sometimes to find a good concealer and keep things matte looking at the same time.

  18. rinnytintin Says:

    My biggest makeup challenge is covering up the darkness beneath my eyes. I use a yellow based corrector followed by a concealer and then a finishing powder. For someone who doesn’t wear much makeup that is a lot of work!!

  19. mefink Says:

    My biggest problem is keeping lipstick on and I’m still trying to learn how to keep it on.

  20. miriama59 Says:

    Redness. I use a primer and then foundation…it’s about blending…

  21. eyewonit Says:

    My biggest challenge is realizing that I am an older woman and can not wear makeup the way I used to. I have overcome the challenge by getting a cosmetics consultation and have toned down my makeup to suit my age!

  22. hopeonhorizon Says:

    My biggest makeup challenge is putting on eyebrow pencil. When I was younger my friend and I put Nair on our eyebrows and when I took it off only three hairs were left on each eyebrow and they haven’t grown back since.

  23. Lin82 Says:

    My biggest beauty challenge are dark circle underneath my eyes, along with occasional breakouts; I cope by using Erase Paste, which is the best undereye concealer after experimenting with dozens of them, along with Acne Gel by Murad (amazing products that help debilitate these skin concerns).

  24. Holstrom4 Says:

    My biggest beauty challenge is finding a foundation that matches and covers appropriately. I have tried so many brands it isn’t funny! For now, I have been using 2 different formulations of a MAC foundation to get the best coverage and correct color.

  25. Tonbo1 Says:

    I have tried so many eye liners and mascaras I cannot figure out if its my mascara that is running or if its my eyeliner since my lashes are so long. I tend to think they both do it. It does not matter if I buy water proof either. So my solution. I have purchased clear mascara that I put on my bottom lashes and I put different color eyeshadows on my lash line to make it look like I have eye liner and that seems to have solved my issue.

  26. DelilahVintage1871 Says:

    After all these years I still can not make liquid liner look right. Also, dark circles have begun to plague me! I use a good concealer but it doesn’t last very long. 🙁

  27. mare4425 Says:

    biggest challenge now a days is tryin to cover pores which seem larger. solution = facial peel, in doctors office, on friday !


  28. matzsmith Says:

    Two fold. Endless puffy under eye and large pores each side of my nose. I use astringent like chapstick and use a pore minimizer. Sweating usually helps the former but not good for an evening out.

  29. 29g8jorgense Says:

    @Beautyinthebag I struggle to know what eye shadow goes best with each outfit. And should I match my black/brown mascara to my shoes?!

    I cope with it by asking my roommate. She always confirms my ideas!

  30. tam69sc Says:

    My biggest problem is getting my foundation applied and blended so it doesn’t look to made up…so I use a sponge to apply my liguid foundation and I make sure to use a shade that matches the skin tone I have on my neck this helps it look more natural and blends in so you don’t have that dreaded line

  31. lolamichele Says:

    I wear glasses, so I have a hard time figuring out how to make my eyes pop under the frames. I use a liquid liner, adn shimmery shadows.

  32. babykbearz Says:

    I use sponges to apply foundation and concealer and they always make my face break out….I rinse them first and clean them after every use…still happens on certain area of my face….use concealer to cover blemishes…which helps hide them somewhat…would love to finally find one that doesn’t do this….

  33. rubyfizzle Says:

    My biggest challenge is getting my eyelashes to curl nicely! I’m lucky to have long lashes but they stick out like spider legs if I don’t curl them. I can’t seem to find the right eye lash curler to give me a natural look.

  34. caroln Says:

    my biggest challenge..I have really deep set eyes..I make my eyes pop with mascara, eyeliner and light, bright shades of eye shadows..I envy those with big bright eyes. I also have very light thin eyebrows..so gotta use a pencil on those too1

  35. kalei77 Says:

    My biggest make up challenge was putting mascara on because it makes my eyes real watery but I cope with it.

  36. kristen1984 Says:

    The most difficult is concealing under eye dark circles without it looking like I caked on the make-up. Maybelline’s Mousse concealer is the best bargain that I’ve found so far, and it works great too! Before I stumbled across it I walked around looking like a raccoon. =/

  37. generousadkins Says:

    My biggest challenge is these hairs I have on my chin, they are so annoying and I can’t even sleep without plucking them! There are about 6 of them.. they are so thick 🙁 I’ve even given myself little scabs before trying to get at them 🙁 I buy tweezers (Tweezerman) every couple weeks!

  38. Lindsay Says:

    Currently, my biggest makeup challenge is keeping my makeup from melting off my face outside in the scorching hot weather. I moisturize my face first then apply concealer with a concealer brush twice, sometimes I’ll cover foundation over it but most of the time I use a bare mineral powder. It stays on most of the time unless I’m really sweating bullets. But I just dab my face with a paper towel before I walk into work and reapply some powder real quick and I’m done!

  39. ruthyruth Says:

    My biggest challenge was having to touch up my makeup after swimming and not having my makeup bag. With my lipstick I used it as blush and eyeshadow. Then with my lotion I mixed it with my face powder so I could touch up my acne and then put some loose powder on my face to even it out.

  40. Carol Says:

    Since I’m a grandmother of 4, you wouldn’t think the biggest challenge for me would be acne, but it is!! Covering those acne scars & pimples isn’t easy but a concealer brush really helps to cover them! After reading a lot of comments I see most people have dark circle problems.. a good product is Clinique’s Anti-Gravity Eye Cream..I’ve been using it for a long time and the results are amazing!

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