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10-03-11 | Posted by

Calling all frequent flyers. For this week’s Gorgeous Giveaway we have 3 Anti-Age Introductory Sets (each valued at $51) from Aromatherapy Associates to give to our lucky winners. This fabulous British brand, which is making major inroads in the U.S. market, harnesses the power of essential oils and plant extracts to create radiant, youthful complexions.

The Anti-Age Introductory Set contains six travel-size essentials.

Skin Firming Serum: apply morning and evening after cleansing and toning.

Fine Line Face Oil: apply over the serum.

Rich Repair Eye Cream: concentrate on lined areas for firming and nourishment.

Rich Repair Nourishing Cream: apply after eye cream for moisturizing and protective benefits.

Overnight Repair Mask: substitute for the cream once or twice a week at night.

This is a results driven range based on the latest research in natural skincare to help slow the aging process and leave skin looking plump, firm, radiant, youthful and supple.

To Enter:  Tell us what “desert island” must-have skincare product you need when you travel. What do you absolutely need on the road or in the sky?

COMMENT post your response in the comment
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*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 10/3 at 11 AM EST and
ends 10/9 at 11 PM EST.


  1. elainecad Says:

    I always need a moisturizer. My face gets so dry so I need something to really quench the dry skin.

  2. astroqueen67 Says:

    I cannot be without Chapstick or lip balm!

  3. Not2Haute Says:

    My desert island must-have is the right moisturizer.

  4. intrigue1 Says:

    My must-have skincare product is Oil of Olay moisturizer.

  5. lolamichele Says:

    funnily enough, I can’t travel without q-tips, and they have to be the actual brand name ones. I keep them in my travel bag all the time. I also have to have my bliss best of skintentions moisturiser.

  6. mariquita Says:

    When I travel I can live without my moisturizer,and in the road my toner.

  7. MizCindyHead Says:

    If I was to travel to a desert island like Abu Dhabi, or Maldive Islands, orAuckland Islands, I would have to have my face cleanser, moisturizer and serum.

  8. rinnytintin Says:

    I must have chapstick!!!!

  9. gingerpye Says:

    La Mer!

  10. dropastitch Says:

    Sunscreen is my must have skincare product. ALL THE TIME.

    tweeting @dropstitch

  11. treetrout1 Says:

    I would need a really good moisturizer with SPF

  12. Sheppe14 Says:

    My desert island “must-have” would be a large spritz bottle filled with coconut water.

  13. butterflyrouge Says:

    Neutragena hand lotion, I use it on my lips as well.

  14. chrystal Says:

    i am going to say my bare minerals foundation, it is light but covers well. it also have sunscreen in it to protect my skin from damage! you can put it on in a rush and it lasts, so you still look good after a long car ride or plane ride!!

  15. mrsbootc Says:

    Moisturizer, moisturizer and more moisturizer and of course lip stuff too!!!

  16. Roni216 Says:

    my must have is a sunscreen moisturizer, if I am going on vacation, but my all time must have nowhere without it is my lip balm, I have so many that I can never turn around and not find it!!

  17. dorielle Says:

    Some type of face oil or balm. My skin gets incredibly dry, and lines emerge from beneath my powder.

  18. wizardewu Says:

    My must-have is lip balm with mineral sunscreen.

  19. Shawn Says:

    My “must-have” is moisturizer, and it’s even better if is has sunscreen in it.

  20. magsey Says:

    Water to keep my skin hydrated

  21. Carrie Brannon Says:

    I have to take my Olay Regenerist Microsculpting cream!!

  22. susanblom Says:

    sunscreen and a very large hat!

  23. GiaPet Says:

    I absolutely need my Carmex! My lips get so chapped with the dry air (luckily, my skin is otherwise on the oily side).


  24. sahara23 Says:

    My must have is my Caudalie Vinoperfect day cream. It has SPF and also oil free. I just can’t live without it.

  25. sandollar Says:

    sunscreen & lip balm

  26. Sk3lly_Tin Says:

    My softlips chapstick ((:

  27. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    I absolutely need moisturizer for my super dry skin! Im pretty sure i’d die without it! lol.

  28. missy_nathan Says:

    I always have to have lipgloss or lip balm. My lips get so chapped on car and plane rides

  29. NaturalHairLatina Says:

    I need Skin Firming Serum to keep face healthy looking

  30. abitnerdy Says:

    i aaabsolutely need Caudalie Grape Water Toner Spray while traveling in the air, when i land, on road trips everywhere~

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