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08-01-11 | Posted by

For this week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY we have 3 bottles of Skindinavia’s 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish (a $29 value) to give to our lucky winners. 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish is a setting spray that keeps your makeup surface dewy and glowing for hours. It’s a great complement to any anti-aging routine. A blend of four moisturizers along with a unique heat-control technology, the spray keeps makeup from drying out or setting into fine lines and pores. The result is a luminous and very natural look.

Benefits of using the spray include longer wearing makeup, particularly on older skin, fewer touchups required throughout
the day, and reduction in makeup falling into pores and fine lines. The spray is so effective, it was actually used at the
2010 Academy Awards.

To Enter: Tell us your favorite daytime makeup routine – simple or elaborate we want to know.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post

TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 8/1 at 11 AM EST and ends 8/4 at 11 PM EST.


  1. sexyknickers68 Says:

    Tinted Moisturizer, eye shadow, lip gloss and GO! 😀

  2. dragonfly777 Says:

    I use sunscreen, then primer, next is powder foundation. I need a spray to set it. This would be great to use. Thanks!

  3. aritson5 Says:

    My favorite daytime makeup routine is SPF moisturizer, then a tinted moiturizer. I do some light cleaning while that’s settling in and then I come back, add some Healthy Skin fuondation to problem areas. Next I like to curl my lashes, maybe apply some mascara and then apply a light pink lip gloss. Simple and perfect for the Summer days 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to share my routine and learn about others!!

  4. ta2kitty Says:

    My daytime make-up routine is: After showering, anti-aging serum, then 30spf lotion followed by concealer for dark under-eye circles. Next bare escentuals powder make up followed by mineral veil, then blush, minimal eyeshadow, liquid liner and quick curl of the lashes. Done in 5-10 minutes 🙂

  5. teressajoe Says:

    wash every morning and night, and use a toner. teressajoe at comcast dot net

  6. RAKIYA32 Says:


  7. heartluce Says:

    I start by washing my face with Dr Brandt cleanser- love the apple smell. Then I put on Genifique by Lancome. After that, Lancome foundation, Lancome bronzer/blush, Lancome Drama mascara and the lipstick du jour followed with Smashbox or Juicy Tubes lip gloss. Also, in summer a spritz to keep things looking fresh and light. I love the ones with aromatherapy like Escience.

  8. CathySpringer5 Says:

    In the summer I just use mascara and some lip stain with an spf lip balm on top. Every now and then I will use some pressed powder too. In the winter I do the same but add some foundation and powder blush. Once in a while, when Im in the mood, I will use eye liner too. Very rarely do I use eye shadow, but once in a great while I do.

  9. GracieAnne Says:

    On my cleansed face, I use Oil of Olay Total Effects Moisturizer, on most days a base, with a light makeup, eye shadow, liner, mascara, and a light dusting of bronzer. I would love to try Skindinavia’s 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish – I hope I get the chance! 🙂

  10. emilyellerbe Says:

    Always remember to moisturize!

  11. melissaboyte Says:

    my routine is a good exfoliation, a primer, some eyeliner and a dash of something glittery… undereye concealer if it’s a long day… and i keep my nails painted!

  12. Sk3lly_Tin Says:

    My favorite daily makeup routine when I have the time consists of, foundation with sunscreen, pencil eyeliner and liquid outlining my eyes, with a splash of a color eyeshadow to match my outfit and to finish I use chapstick underneath my lipstick to keep my lips moist. <3 😀

  13. rinnytintin Says:

    A little tinted moisturizer, bronzer, lip balm, and brown mascara. That is my summer makeup routine!

  14. iamPrincessBC Says:

    My favorite daytime makeup routine consist of daily: 1. a face primer (Korres), 2. a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (e.l.f.), 3. a little concealer if neccesary (e.l.f.), 4. mascara ( I prefer Lancome’s Defencils), 5. bronzer (Estee Lauder and Revlon), 6. a makeup set and mist spray (e.l.f. or MAC), 7. lip gloss (MAC or NYX). After I finish this routine I go on about my day!

  15. lanieekat Says:

    my daytime makeup is simple, usually just eyeshadow, browliner and lipstick

  16. miriama59 Says:

    Using my SPF moisturizer. Makes my face feel and look better plus protects me from the sun.

  17. mishamuse Says:

    moisturize, sunscreen, eye cream, and a hat whenever possible when going outside.

  18. lindabr100 Says:

    I use a bonzer with some eyeliner.

  19. conniecushman Says:

    I love tinted moisturizer with sunscreen of at least 30SPF followed by bronzer on the cheeks and up into temples to form a C shape. Then curl lashes and apply mascara and finally a nice pinky/neutral gloss and I’m good to go!

  20. bella76 Says:

    Loreal anti-age defying moisturizer, sunscreen, and i can’t leave the house without eyeliner or my lip gloss with SPF.

  21. mugsy5808 Says:

    I use a murad facial cleanser & use their moisturizer, then put on a tinted moisturizer, black mascara and lip gloss.

  22. mugsy5808 Says:

    I also am a facebook fan – I am Princess Ernie Mugsy Pugs

  23. msheline Says:

    I use Boots No. 7, then I put on face make up to cover freckles or age spots, lip liner, 24.hr. lipgloss, eye liner and mascara.

  24. Lindsay Says:

    I moisturize my face with acne cream and I use a bronze shimmery Lorac eyeshadow for my inner eyes and dark brown eye shadow on the outer edges. I top it off with a nude lipstick and put gloss over it.

  25. cardsfan720 Says:

    I live in Vegas, so I use a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 year-round–even higher in the summer! If I’m just running errands, I keep it really simple–a dusting of powder and blush. For work or an evening out, I go full-out with eye shadow, mascara, and lip color. And–I NEVER leave the house without eye liner on!!

  26. Supernatural Says:

    I switched to mineral makeup a couple years ago and I love it. It feels so much nicer on the skin than liquid foundation. For a daytime look, I use a great mineral makeup, mascara, a great lip color, like peach, and a swipe of blush over my cheeks and eyelids. Quick, fresh, pretty.

  27. LBird206 Says:

    I use a tinted moisturizer (which feels like silk) brown eyeliner and mascara and a shimmer lip color~Simple!!

  28. Dyane78 Says:

    I use the oil cleansing method to wash my face with a warm face towel to open pores. Then I moisturize with Moogoo MSM Soothing Cream. Wait for skin to absorb the moisturizer and then apply MUFE HD microfinish powder as a primer. Then use a stippling brush to apply an SPF foundation or Mac Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation. There is still debate on whether SPF is bad for your skin because of the chemicals, so I don’t use it daily on my face. My favorite trick is using Rosebud salve on my cheeks and eyes to make my blush glow and my eyeshadow shiney without being sticky. You can also add it to your lips as a gloss to your lip liner.

  29. adrian r Says:

    cleanse, tone. moisturize, sunscreen, in the evening I take out the sunscreen and use a serum after toning.

  30. bobbysgeel Says:

    I use acne meds then eye cream. I put on mattifying lotion followed by primer. I wait 5 min.then apply foundation & setting powder. A little blush,eyeliner & mascara with a wash of bright eyeshadow & I’m out the door.

  31. Lin82 Says:

    My daytime routine consists of washing my face with either of my five different cleansers, then applying my make-up, and setting it with POP powder, with a bit of bronzer for a pick-me-up, with a coat of mascara, and light blush. Voila!

  32. bebita121 Says:

    Every morning the first thing I do is cleanse my skin, use my toner (once a week I exfolliate) Take a shower, Apply sunscreen, Apply my anti-aging eye and face serum, Moisturize, Apply my make-up, Eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush, lip liner, lip gloss with a lil color. I Always do my hair. I do this every single day, NEVER do I leave my house with no make up, hair not done or my sunscreen! At night before bed I cleanse my skin, my toner, apply my anti aging eye and face serum, apply my night mousturizer and NEVER do I forget to apply my product on chest and neck! Yup this is my daily routine!

  33. Chrise01 Says:

    In the summertime, moisturize (with sunscreen), bronzer and some lip gloss!

  34. danyga06 Says:

    I had to scale back a bit since I was breaking out.. But now use olay sensitive cleanser and burts bees sensitive spot treatment.When I leave the house I put clinique makeup for SPF and acne protection

  35. BrandyB Says:

    Wash, Rinse, Moisturize, and a little Tinted powder.

  36. soccermon1 Says:

    My daytime routine is very simple. I apply sunscreen and a bit of foundation.

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