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05-30-11 | Posted by

For this week’s Gorgeous Giveaway we have an import from south of the border. We have three sets of the Illimitée fragrance and the Chromatique Eye Shdow and Blush Kit ( a $79 value) from L’Bel to give to our lucky winners.

L’Bel is a direct-selling beauty brand that has conquered Central and South America and is now poised to take over the North. In fact, the brand recently had a fancy press preview at the Royalton Hotel in New York City for the city’s throng of beauty editors. We love the international glamour and global appeal of the line’s products, which are all produced in France.

Illimitée is an elegant and romantic floral woody scent (one of my favorite categories) that includes notes of German iris, orange blossom and chocolate. It was created by perfumer Ilias Eremenidis (one of my favorite perfumers), who has authored such notable scents as Gucci for Gucci, Vera Wang Princess and a Harajuku Lovers scent.

The Chromatique Eye Shadow and Blush Kit contains nine shades of individual shadows, which whencombined together to create a turn into a perfect shade of blush. How creative!

Overall this giveaway is a great artistic find. Good luck!

To Enter: Tell us what you love most about Latin America  and why? It could be a special dish (mole), music (salsa), band or celebrity, or a fabulous beach spot…

COMMENT post your response in the comments
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TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 5/30 at 11 AM EST and ends 6/2 at 11 PM EST.


  1. mpapachatzis Says:

    I love that Latin Americans have a love of life. They love food, dancing, religion, family and everything around them. Something that we could look at and learn from in America. Especially dancing!

  2. amygemini Says:

    What I love most about Latin America is the FOOD! Just came back from Cabo this week- I thoroughly enjoyed the tacos, pico de gallo, enchiladas… all my favorites authentically in one place! Yum!

  3. toonces1989 Says:

    The food!

  4. Nita Says:

    My favorite thing about Latin America is the food. Any and all of it. And the spicier, the better! 🙂

  5. matzsmith Says:

    The police carry sub-auto machine guns, it is a dangerous place.

  6. ShawnaMichelle2 Says:

    What I love most about Latin America is it’s socio-conomic and political history because it differs so much from that of the USA. and it helps one to understand how it is that Latin America is the way it is today. I’ve always dreamed of going to Latin America especially Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Argentina and Peru to experience the rich culture and explore the beauty and uniqueness of the land, to study the history and to get to know the wonderful people.


  7. Melissa3207 Says:

    Tell us what you love most about Latin America and why?

    What I most love about Latin America is the Market streets. I love going through the markets and seeing all the craft fairs that the locals have made. They also have wonderful frsh fruit markets. There’s just nothing like it, it feels refreshing!

    Melissa Kelley

  8. horsesallover Says:

    I like Latin America for the lower key lifestyle, the family ties and of course the food…fresh flavorful tasty.

  9. ADivaLady Says:

    I was born, raised in Latin America Dominican Republic, and what I love most is the culture, the food, (pescado frito) the people are genuine, friendly. I love the fresh coconut, mangos, right from the tree & platanos. The festivals, the music merengue & the clear crystal blue water just beautiful. I’m getting homesick writing all this. Thanks.

  10. Melissa3207 Says:

    I shared this giveaway on my Facebook.

    Melissa Kelley

  11. Melissa3207 Says:

    I tweeted this giveaway on my Twitter timeline!

    Melissa Kelley

  12. ivoryskin Says:

    Peruvian food is killer. Now that I think about it, any food I’ve had from a Latin country is delicious. I love bossa nova music and the women in Brazil are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup, just enhance their beauty with some of the all natural treatments available to them.

  13. ivoryskin Says:

    I tweeted – I’m @beautyenvyblog

  14. kricketkrunch Says:

    Salsa! Not the dance but the dish!! I can eat it on EVERYTHING including bologna sandwiches and cottage cheese! lol

  15. Lindsay Says:

    I love Latin America because of the food. Growing up, most of my friends were from all over South America and Spain. Even now I still continue to make friends of different races from all over the world. My good friends were from Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. They all taught me how to make tacos, paninis, tortillas, and rice. They even taught me how to dance! Each country is very diverse in their own way in food and music and they are always very prideful.

  16. mefink Says:

    Love the music from Latin America.

  17. evey30 Says:

    What’s not to love about Latin America? I’m Puerto Rican and I love everything about it! The music, food, clothes, etc. The best is the food! 🙂

  18. butterflyrouge Says:

    I am originally from California, and grew up eating tons of Latin-influenced food- but I actually value the Latin sense of family more than anything!

  19. miriama59 Says:

    Food. I love the flavors, the spiciness, the drinks, the whole array of dishes from tacos to burritos, guacamole to salsa…..

  20. mistyfuji Says:

    I love the food & music, especially Anticuchos de Pollo, Grilled Beef Anticuchos, rice & tortillas & salsa music with Sangria. I have never visited South America but try out different recipes or restaurants all the time. Thanks for hosting.

  21. mistyfuji Says:

    I tweeted here https://twitter.com/#!/Mistyfuji/status/75707012083761152

  22. littlewonder Says:

    The food and the good looking men are my favorite things about Latin America! i also tweeted! http://twitter.com/#!/hillary3d/status/76475195824672768

  23. ImHisBella813 Says:

    The food is AMAZING and the music (especially Salsa and Cumbia) forces you to get up and dance. It is an awesome culture rich in history, traditions, and folklore. I just wish I could visit our neighbors to the South more often…could definitely use a vacation anywhere in Latin America!!!

    I also tweeted 🙂 http://twitter.com/#!/ImHisBella813/status/76485498184544256

  24. kimberlytate Says:

    My favorite is Plaintains. I first tried them in Panama. Absolutely incredible. Love them fried with a little salt and ketchup 🙂

  25. candy3440 Says:

    I love Latin music because it’s so much fun to dance to 🙂

  26. makeup Says:

    i love the latin music, food there way of dressing is so sexy. It just a beautiful country

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