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08-09-10 | Posted by

We are pleased to announce that 7 winners have been randomly selected for the Gabriel Organics giveaway.

Due to unprecedented demand, we have had to end the Giveaway early, so we have also selected an additional 2 lucky ladies to receive Aveda Damage Remedy as an added bonus!

And the winners are…  


1. Costana Hornbaker

2. Brandi Landry

3. TaQuila Thomas

4. Anna Mosley

5. Dana Bukhannan Hollis

6. Mersadie Edwards

7. Katharine Shagoury


1. Roselyn Wooden

2. Stephanie Russell

A special thank you to all our followers and fans, especially those of you who spread the word about Beautyinthebag on our Facebook page and retweets on Twitter. We LOVE you!

If you see your name above, please email our Managing Editor Dorene Kaplan with your mailing address – and for the 7 Gabriel Organics winners, please indicate your skin type.  Dorene@beautyinthebag.com

Congratulations to everyone- ENJOY!

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