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Photo Credit: from gloprofessional.com


11-02-11 | Posted by

Okay, so with the advent of fall and winter come a few of my favorite things. Longer nights, holiday parties, jewel tones… they all lend themselves nicely to a change up in the way we do makeup. Gone are the days of dewy bronzer and summery highlights, and I couldn’t be happier myself. I love bringing out heavier eye makeup this time of year, and what better way to do it than with the Alloy Eyes Collection by glominerals and their updated deeper shades for fall?!

The palette has 4 metallic shades and 4 matte shades. I absolutely adore storm, which is silvery, and enigma, which is a dark lavender metallic. All of the shades blend nicely together and worked very well with my skin tone and eye color (that’s pale and green, for your information). The shades were subtle enough for me to rock them at work, but sultry enough that I could reapply for going out with my friends after work with a sexy smoky eye. I actually can’t wait to play up my eyes at upcoming holiday parties (okay, it’s only October, so maybe I’m getting ahead of myself) but there’s nothing prettier than sparkly lids when the snow starts to fall.

The colors will work well on every skin tone, and upon seeing my palette, my mom proceeded to claim these as hers. I know she’d look great in them, so I might be a good daughter and let her have them.. maybe..

Available at www.gloprofessional.com for $44.

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