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07-06-13 | Posted by

A few weeks ago, in the lush, leafy setting of the New York Botanical Gardens, I was introduced to AmorePacific’s breakthrough All Day Balancing Care Serum (ARV $200; launching in September 2013).

So many serums have crossed my desk lately, all promising results from curing hyperpigmentation to dehydration. But this is the first time I’ve seen a serum address skin’s natural circadian rhythm.

Consider this: our skin goes through a natural cycle from the time we rise in the morning to we lay down our heads at night. The skin is so smart that it knows when to increase its natural anti-oxidant protection (in the morning) against allergens and environmental aggressors including the sun, and when to produce increased levels of sebum and moisture. The circadian rhythm of our skin is so finely tuned that subtle changes including jet lag and stress can upset the natural rhythm and cause the skin to be, well, not so smart.

AmorePacific’s new All Day Balancing Care Serum is one of the first, if not the first, chronobiological treatments that works at the genetic level to synchronize and restore the skin’s function, and thereby, normalize the circadian cycle. The serum has a proprietary Balancycle Complex, which includes ingredients that address various circadian rhythm concerns; these ingredients include white birch sap for hydration, musk mallow extract, and an exclusive blend of 10 Asian botanicals that activate the biorhythm gene called Bmal1.

This gene is a pivotal variable in maintaining optimal round-the-clock cell function. It’s basically a police officer for the skin; if this police officer misses his beat or doesn’t have a proper schedule, then the skin’s conduct becomes disorderly. The serum is designed to reset the circadian clock, and resynchronize it, enabling natural and healthy cell function where youthful balance is restored. As a result sebum production is controlled (thereby reducing inflammation and breakouts), moisture production increases, and skin cell turnover is accelerated.

The Balancycle Complex also includes green tea to promote the body’s own antioxidants to fight free radical damage, bamboo sap for moisture (the serum is sap-based, not water-based), pine mushroom and ginseng for antioxidant benefits, magnolia to brighten skin, and papaya to exfoliate.

How it Worked

On first application, the serum immediately hydrated, but left my skin feeling a bit taut. However, thanks to the nature of the serum—it is formulated to balance your skin and help find its optimal moisture levels throughout the day—which it did. That said, I would definitely put a moisturizer over it (as you should with any serum), and SPF as well.

Over a few weeks I noticed fewer wrinkles and clearer, brighter skin, and increased hydration. Use AmorePacific Revitalizing Time Response Skin Renewal Mist ($90) in conjunction with the serum for the summer to see a brilliant, refreshing difference.

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