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07-10-11 | Posted by

Meet the Man Who Knows Manes

Following an unconventional path, Ammon Carver, the artistic director for hair-care brand Matrix, began his professional life as a horse trainer. Today, you could say he trains some of the world’s most famous manes, having styled the locks of celebs like Molly Sims, Ivanka Trump, Lisa Kudrow and Bruce Springsteen. As Matrix artistic director, Ammon leads all educational activities, identifies trends in hair styling and helps drive inspiration, innovation and new product ideas for the brand. He also helps develop styling techniques for educational videos, shoots and industry events, as well as create on-trend and always beautiful looks. A busy runway and editorial stylist, Ammon shares a few of his tips with BITB.


Tell us a bit about your background. How did you get involved in the beauty industry?

I am originally from a small town in Utah. After high school I moved to Colorado where I worked and trained show horses. I never thought it would lead me to a successful career in the beauty industry. When I traveled as a horse trainer I was exposed to many different opportunities and was able to experience new places and meet new people. Once, I met a group of hairstylists and through my encounters with them, I quickly realized my new passion. After studying at the Antoine du Chez Academy near Denver, I moved to New York to work with the best of the best in the industry, Matrix. I also worked at the Warren-Tricomi Salon at the legendary Plaza Hotel. I began to pursue a freelance career as well working in advertising, editorial, with fashion shows and with celebrity clientele all of which were centered upon hair styling.

What is your beauty philosophy? What makes a person beautiful inside and out?

Beauty starts from within…..period! If you don’t love and accept who you are, including all your strengths and weaknesses it overpowers anything any professional can do to someone’s exterior body. I also strongly believe that beauty from within effortlessly exudes and is contagious. Regardless of what your hair may look like that day or what you are wearing, people will always see your inner beauty shine. Hair should be an extension and expression of your personal, unique beauty from within.

What are the new hair styles appearing on the horizon? Any new techniques?

Hair trends are gradually becoming more and more daring, for example, dramatic shapes and silhouettes in haircutting and styling, and colors that incorporate higher contrasting tones. Another fantastic technique, the Ombre color technique (color graduation), pushes color to its most dramatic point.

As Matrix Artistic Director, what advice do you have for aspiring stylists?

You’re most likely to be best at what feeds your passion. It took me some time and work to fully realize this. Follow your true passion and you cannot fail. Surround yourself with people who are ambitious and want the same spectacular end result. The more you surround yourself with those types of people the more it brings it out of you.

What desert island beauty product(s) do you think women should never be without?

No matter what the hair length, texture, or color…one thing EVERY woman wants is shiny, healthy hair. Every woman should have a bottle of Biolage smoothing shine milk, a lightweight leave-in conditioner that is incredible for all hair types. I always use this product on my clients.

What are your future goals?

Most importantly, in the next five years I am working to ensure that the “Ammon Carver” brand has a name that is synonymous with what I stand for, which is the integrity and creativity of my work.

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