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01-09-11 | Posted by

Meet the diPietro Todd Academy Educator

From runway to rock stadium, celebrity stylist, Amita Moticka, has developed a diverse portfolio throughout her 20-year career. Now, co-founder and director of haircutting for the diPietro Todd Academy in San Francisco, Amita is also a René Furturer stylist and educator, who shares her expertise with local salon professionals around the country. When not traveling, she divides her time between the five diPietro Todd Salon locations, providing hair wizardry for her devoted clientele.


Tell us a bit about your background. How did you discover you had a talent for hairstyling?

I was lucky enough to discover my passion for hair at the age of 17. I apprenticed for Vidal Sasoon and became an educator for that company. When I came to diPietro Todd Salons and Academy, I was able to explore the many different aspects of our industry, which has led to my work in creating educational programs as well as film, editorial styling, video, fashion shows, etc. I believe curiosity and passion will always manifest talent.

You’re located in San Francisco now. What differences do you see between West Coast and East Coast styles?

Having the opportunity to travel as an educator for diPietro Todd Salons and Academy and René Furterer as much as I do, I have come to realize that with the availability of media we are all becoming more influenced in a similar way, but always striving for individuality. I also feel that style cannot be defined coastally, but in the confidence of the person.

Can you share a professional trick that our readers could adopt?

Here are a few of my favorite tips:

1) René Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo is one of the best tricks I can pass on. If your hair is clean or dirty, it can give you lift and movement as well as freshen up hair after the gym.

2) After finishing your blow dry or set, run a cool blow dryer through the roots.

3) For you curly girls, when defusing or letting hair dry on its own, take double-prong clippies and put them horizontally at the roots until your hair is dry to get more lift. Remove and gently shake out for extra lift and direction.

You’ve worked with many rock n’ rollers. Can you share a highlight of that experience?

I have always been impressed with the passion and excitement they carry through their lives. When I am available to travel with musicians or with a band on tour, I enjoy being a voyeur (those stories will go with me to the grave).

What styles do you predict will be popular this winter?

Fuller hair, less layers and continuing on with the trend of Mia Farrow-inspired short haircuts.

Do you have any advice for aspiring stylists?

Don’t be afraid to work for free doing something you love. It is an investment in your future. A great hairstylist is constantly learning from his or her peers.

What’s in your bag?

Handi Wipes (I have a three-year-old), Rescue Remedy Pastilles, Weleda Chap Stick, Lancôme liquid eyeliner. YSL foundation, cheap mascara, M.A.C. Rebel lipstick and liner, bobby pins, ProBar super food snack bar…..and lots and lots more junk.

What’s your favorite bag?

My current favorite is my Marni handbag.

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