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11-11-10 | Posted by

Further proving their commitment to making women’s lives better – especially during that time of the month – Always® has launched the Always Meâ„¢ app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. This tool helps women manage their cycles and offers timely information about women’s health issues. More than just a comprehensive period and ovulation tracker, this application allows users to ask relevant questions and get personalized answers within 24 hours! It also provides general information about feminine care, intimacy, plus tips and health advice.

The app’s features include:

  • Comprehensive, interactive tracker and calendar to help manage a woman’s period/cycle
  • Reminder notifications for anticipated arrival of period or ovulation
  • Personalized, expert Q&A function for users to submit private, personal questions
  • Tips on topics ranging from how to better manage one’s cycle, health matters, exercise, etc.
  • “Shop Always” button for discreet, immediate and direct online purchase of Always feminine hygiene products from one’s mobile device as well as a store locator

Always Me™ is a convenient way for plugged-in, on-the-go women to stay in touch with their bodies, and is the near equivalent of carrying a savvy girlfriend in your bag (or pocket).  My favorite thing about this app is the potential for it to be a source of important information for young women who may be too embarrassed to discuss feminine care issues in-person.

The Always Meâ„¢ app is available for FREE in the iTunes store. You can also get it here.

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