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Photo Credit: Sephora

Posted by 07.21.11

PRODUCT: Allure Beauty Editor Palette by Sephora Collection

Don’t you just hate purchasing an enticing color cosmetic palette only to discover that you use just two or three of the shades and the others just lie there collecting dust? Well, Allure magazine feels your pain, and has teamed up with Sephora to create the ultimate in palettes. The new Allure Beauty Editor Palette by Sephora Collection ($34) is actually a collection of five separate palettes that correspond with a makeup look selected by Linda Wells, editor in chief of Allure, and her team of editors. Packaged along with the individual palettes is a compact case, into which each of the palettes can be snapped – ready to travel or simply slipped into a purse.

“We created the Allure Beauty Editor Palette with Sephora to hold only the best colors, colors that you’ll really use. We packaged them in five easy looks that snap out. It’s everything a woman would want without any waste or complication,” stated Linda Wells.

The individual palettes each feature six eye shadows, one blush and a lip gloss. The themes of the five palettes are both classic and trendy and include:

  • All Fun No Sun: copper, bronzes and browns
  • Color Theory: sharp jewel tones, like violet and green
  • Beauty 101: soft nudes and taupes
  • Sparkles Fly: black, bold gold and orange
  • Where There’s Smoke: smoky charcoal and greys

The Allure Beauty Editor Palette By Sephora Collection will be available for a limited time only beginning Friday, July 22 at Sephora stores or at www.sephora.com. As an added bonus, beginning July 21, beauty tips and tricks from Linda Wells and her editorial team will be available at www.allure.com/go/sephora.



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