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Dr Alan Matarasso is the well known Park Avenue plastic surgeon, and one half of the brotherly duo of medical Matarassos. The other half is Dermatologist Seth Matarasso, the Toxinista of San Francisco.  While Brother Alan lifts the lovelies in New York, Brother Seth is injecting and peeling his way through San Francisco’s social scene.  Although he never names names, Alan’s hands have been linked with mega Broadway stars, magazine cover girls, best selling authors, A-list actors, and patrons of the arts. An academic at heart, he can be found on the lecture scene teaching plastic surgery residents and honored as a guest surgeon all over the world.


What is your favorite surgical procedure to perform?

I enjoy all of the procedures I perform, including short scar facelifts, eyelids, rhinoplasty, breast enhancement or reduction, and liposuction, because I can make people feel and look better. The short scar facelift is particularly gratifying for me, as it returns people to a former state or how they remember themselves, so they can look as good as they feel for longer and avoid the telltale signs of aging and a facelifted appearance.

Whose cosmetic surgery do you admire?

I’m not privy to who has had plastic surgery, and I can never talk about my own patients, but I do admire the way Elizabeth Banks, Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, Diane Sawyer, and Halle Berry look.

Who do most of your clients cite as the person they don’t want to look like?

They don’t want to look like they’ve had plastic surgery; they want to look just like better versions of themselves. Certainly too much (Mickey Rourke, Cher, Faye Dunaway) is not good. The problem for movie stars is that  the public has a fixed image of them at a certain point in time. So if they have a “radical” change, it’s more noticeable than in an everyday person. Hence, small incremental changes are very important to maintain what you have.

How do you know when to move from the needle to the knife?

This is a great question. Lifts lift and fillers fill, as the popular saying goes. Integrating both will often give you the best result.
Anyone who thinks they will get the same result with non surgical procedures as they will from surgery, may be sadly disappointed. A year later they may be out of pocket a lot and back where they started. My best advice is to see a busy well qualified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, express your concerns and be sure they are giving you what you need, not just what they offer. They say that in medicine, the treatment is based on the door that you walk through.

If someone is on a tight budget, how do you recommend downgrading what they want done?

In many cases, there are downgrading alternatives available, such as liposuction instead of a neck lift or abdominoplasty. But you have to recognize that the results won’t be the same as we can achieve surgically.  There are also new less invasive surgical procedures which have totally replaced traditional “open” techniques, therefore significantly reducing scars. For example, in male gynecomastia, where a larger incision was used, now a cartilage shaver removes the enlarged gland and through the same opening liposuction is performed.

Do you and your brother ever treat each other?

I’ve treated Seth, and I’m ready to consider some treatments, but he’s too expensive!


  1. Bonnita Says:

    I have read about this surgeon before, but this interview makes him seem more down to earth.

  2. MIC Says:

    Dr Matarasso is a great surgeon – he does beautiful facelifts and tummy tucks.

  3. faysface Says:

    He did my sister’s breasts and they look completely natural. If I had the money I would have him do everything from my neck down…

  4. julianne Says:

    A little off the point -the man is gorgeous!!

  5. faysface Says:

    You are SO right girl!

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