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Posted by 07.23.09


BIOPELLE AFA EXFOLIATING GEL –  I was originally introduced to this range many years ago by a medical aesthetician when it was still a small privately held skin care brand in Michigan developed by a renowned skin researcher. The range has since been acquired and repackaged. At first it was highly irritating with a low pH that I found very tough to tolerate, but in those days, acid based brands tended to strip away everything. It was similar to the old MD Forte facial lotion. Enter the next generation of AFA AMINO ACID SKINCARE. This formulation is vastly improved. AFA Exfoliating Gels were developed to deliver relatively high concentrations of Acidified Amino Acids  as gentle exfoliants. These clear Exfoliating Gels are available in Mild, Plus and Max strengths, and I tried the Mild but could easily have used at least the Plus with no redness, flaking or irritation. In retrospect, if this little company had the marketing savvy and funding earlier, I bet it had the potential to be the next SkinCeuticals. The technology is patented and unique in its use of amino acids which act in place of salicylic or glycolic acid. Amino acids are naturally found in the skin and diminish with age and sun damage. I find this gel to be entirely easy to use and leaves my skin soft and smooth. Good for mature skin in needs of rejuvenation, and also good for acne, oily skin types.

FINAL VERDICT – RUN DON’T WALK (RDW) – I will definitely finish this glass pump bottle and will then look for the next strength up to try next. There is a Micro Exfoliating Masque that sounds interesting and is used a few times a week. Available only in medical offices or medspas. www.biopelle.com


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    Billy Harrison…

    Hey, useful post but can’t agree on all things mentioned here. Thanks anyway :)…

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