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Reprinted from www.healthnewsdigest.com

Serums can go a long way to make visible improvements in your skin, but it all depends on the potency and quality of the ingredients, the delivery system, how well you follow usage directions, and whether it is the right product for your skin type and condition. If you are expecting high tech wrinkle serums to give you the skin of a 25 year old when you’re in looking down the barrel of age 50, you’re destined to be disappointed. Serums are NOT surgery, lasers or injections.

Some women are diehard serum users, whereas others may prefer the luxe feel of a lovely cream. Most of us will benefit from a combination of both. Typically serums are more concentrated and thus, tend to be more expensive. However you also don’t need to use more than a few drops daily. We are so programmed to think that if we see wrinkles, we need moisturizers, and the richer the better. This is an all-too- common misconception among all skin care users. Women tend to over-moisturize in an attempt to obliterate lines and creases. If your skin is oily and you still break out occasionally, you really do not need extra cream. A light lotion or lotion/gel type formula might be better for your skin type. Eye serums are particularly well suited for dark circles, puffiness and crepey skin due to the lightweight texture that can feel like velvet. Creamier formulas tend to attract water which creates more fullness and shadows under the eyes.

Serums may be water or oil based formulations, and they are not strictly moisturizers; in fact they are often meant to be used under your moisturizer or work to enhance the effects of a moisturizer. Some formulas may contain moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and glycolic acids and other hydrators. Serums usually take the form of syrupy liquids, gels or solutions, which is also why they are often applied with an eye dropper or from an ampoule or pump dispenser.

Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Correction Serum works to correct most of the visible signs of skin aging including loss of firmness, lines and discoloration, ( $135)

Skinceuticals Phloretin CF is a super charged antioxidant serum that protects and corrects sun damaged skin by strengthening its resiliency, ($150)

DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer™ is an ideal serum formula for oily skin types that have some areas of wrinkles along with enlarged pores around the nose, chin and forehead. It exfoliates and tightens up pores to make them look invisible, ($85)

iS Clinical C E Serum Advance Plus is a highly potent Vitamin C and antioxidant based serum that also helps to enhance sun protection when you wear it during the daytime under makeup, ($120)

Olay Regenerist® Daily Regenerating Serum is a great choice for beauty buyers on a budget that crave the look and feel of an age defying peptide-rich serum without the high price tag, ($19.99)

The general rule for applying a serum is to start with the most highly concentrated product first so that it gets absorbed by your skin. Then you can apply a moisturizer, with sunscreen by day. Foundation should go on last. If your serum of choice contains antioxidants that enhance sun protection, use it in the A.M. when your skin needs extra defenses against UV rays. Serums containing retinol, peptides and other active ingredients may be better used in the P.M. when your skin has more time to repair itself.

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