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Posted by 02.26.10


Photo Credit: www.acuvue.com

1•Day Acuvue Moist Brand Contact Lenses – After dressing my eyes with Acuvue for a 30 day trial period, I now have a new crush. These petite and dainty lenses are anything but overbearing or obvious. They are easy to put on – not only because the case that they are housed in is user friendly – but because they are so silky smooth that once in, they instill strong confidence. ACUVUE provides users with an inside-out mark and slight visibility tint. However, the tint was strictly utilitarian – wearing the lenses never compromised the natural color of my blue eyes.

They stayed put on my retina without ever moving (don’t you hate it when your lenses get caught under your lid or travel to the corner of your eye? Never happened to me with ACUVUE MOIST). Unlike some flimsy disposables that collect dust and debris long before the mandatory 3 pm office coffee hour, these lenses were bold and brave.  They were able to keep up with me – never causing irritation or redness – even during allergy season. “Acuvue Moist 1-Day contacts are one of my patients favorites,” says eye care specialist Dr. Robert McCulloch. “It is an excellent pair for contact lenses for patients look for non-surgical vision correction.

They were a dream to wear: strong enough so that I forgot they were for one-day use, and they felt as substantial as my soft non-disposable lenses. I was able to wear them throughout the course of my 12-hour workday and then enjoyed the same lenses at the gym. They stayed clear throughout the day, never became cloudy in front of my computer screen, and eliminated the need for cleaning, disinfecting solutions and storage.

Now that the 30-day trial is complete, I am off to see my eye doctor for another round. These are available by prescription only for vision correction. The average daily cost for a pair is $2.00 (less than a cup of coffee) before any rebates. Talk to an eye care professional, as many vision care plans help cover the cost of contact lenses.

Final Verdict – RDW (Run Don’t Walk) – ACUVUE takes the guesswork out of wearing their MOIST lenses.


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