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10-12-10 | Posted by

Women across four major ethnicities report acne is their primary skin concern.

Acne is color blind, according to a study, conducted by the L’Oreal Institute for Ethnic Hair and Skin Research. Those embarrassing and painful bumps are the most common skin problem and concern for women of all ethnic backgrounds, the research showed. The study was conducted among 300 Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and Asian women who tested L’Oreal’s Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care ($21.00).

The women tested the product twice daily for four weeks. According to the study, 69% of the women across all four ethnicities reported clearer skin with less acne imperfections during the four week period. Benefits included tightened pores, an immediate matte effect, a more even complexion and a reduction in skin redness.

Now, we at BITB haven’t tested Normaderm ourselves, but given that many over-the-counter acne treatments produce a low level of satisfaction, according to L’Oreal, it seems worth checking out Normaderm. Not yet a household name in the U.S. Vichy is the #1 acne brand in Europe and available in the states at select CVS, Longs Drugs, Rite Aid and Duane Reade drugstores.

For store locations, visit www.vichyusa.com.

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