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03-09-09 | Posted by


If my acne is under control, should I stop using all my anti-acne products?

Under control is not gone.  Acne is a chronic condition that requires treatment continuously to keep it away. Many people will stop using their anti-acne regimen suddenly, only to have their acne flare up several weeks later. But if your acne stops showing up, it is best to back off the more aggressive products needed to get rid of active blemishes but there is always a blemish lurking, so I advocate preventative acne control. If you are using multiple products that are harsh or abrasive, it may be advisable to discontinue one at a time and judge results before discontinuing them all at once.  Keep using a product that contains salicylic acid to help minimize oil the major cause of blemishes . When you get an active flurry of breakouts, switch back to 2% products , Benxzoyl Peroxide and sulfur mask for best results.

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  1. gorgeousgals Says:

    which is the best BP to use that wont dry my skin out? I was using Proactiv but I had to stop.

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