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Posted by 10.29.08



FIBERWIG BY IMJU – I went on the hunt for new mascara after my former favorite – Bourjois Coup de Theatre – was discontinued at my local Sephora. Disappointment was soon replaced by confusion as I proceed towards the display case, where endless wands of  different shapes, sizes and textures all promised to plump, smooth or lengthen my lashes in a new and enticing way. (I nearly went blind trying to read and decipher the legend!)  After a prolonged deliberation, I settled on a new brand called Fiberwig by Imju, which I had seen advertised in every subway as the best thing since false eyelashes. I’m a germy and never use store testers, but I was dubious, so before exiting the store I broke out my new toy and proceeded to paint my lashes. Voila! I expected to feel some separation anxiety from my old staple Bourjois, but I am relieved to report that this new brand has become a quick favorite. And when I went to wash it away with warm water, it peeled away easily and with no smudging.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – At $22 a pop, this mascara will save you the hassle of applying false lashes and keep the glue off your fingers and out of your hair.

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  1. admin Says:

    I dont know this brand, but I like what I see. With the way mascaras are going now, everyone can have the lashes of their dreams for $20-30. It is amazing at the progress being made in this category. Bravo!

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