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01-10-14 | Posted by

No one loves raccoon eyes, especially during the winter months. That look is about as unflattering as hat hair.

CC Cream collection

Thankfully, there is a new solution that just hit shelves in the form of Olay Total Effects 7 in One Eye Brightening CC Cream ($22.99 at CVS Beauty Club), which extends Olay’s CC Cream collection.

It does about everything a good makeup artist should do: reduce dullness, fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and uneven tone, while increasing moisture and providing gentle exfoliation. While the cream is officially called a “Brightening Cream,” the extra features of exfoliation and reduction of uneven skin tone (which are not typically accomplished by most eye creams) greatly appealed to me.

The cream looks thick but goes on light around your eyes. Using a few light taps, I patted the cream around the eye area and was ready to go … no need for concealer or anything. The idea behind the “7 in One” moniker is that the collection fights the seven signs of aging that are most common for women. The texture of the product is akin to a whipped cream.

Ideally, this product should be used twice daily, and can definitely act as your anti-aging eye care regimen. This is an attractively-priced alternative to pricier creams that promise the entire eye anti-aging package: these include Erno Laszlo’s Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair Cream ($175) and Strivectin’s Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator ($29).

Other products in Olay’s CC line include the CC cream for the face that comes in a multi-colored Double Helix like structure and a Total Effects Daily Moisturizer with a touch of foundation.

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