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02-02-12 | Posted by

Call me curious, but also a coward. I’ve wondered about hair-straightening systems, but wasn’t sure the bone-straight result was for me. Also, I’ve witnessed the unpleasant smell that goes with Brazilian straightening systems and read about the emission of formaldehyde.

So when I was offered the opportunity for a hair taming, non-Brazilian treatment called “The Best” Juvexin Treatment by GKhair, I was excited to try it out. The results were spectacular – frizz free locks that retained some of their natural wave but with reduced curl and soft, manageable body.

Kristina Barricelli, co-owner of the Gemini 14 Salon in New York City applied the treatment. A total doll and an unbelievably knowledgeable professional, Kristina explained the treatment’s effects and results.

“What I love about Juvexin is that it doesn’t do more than what the hair needs,” she said. Unlike traditional keratin treatments, which basically iron on layers of chemicals to the hair to straighten, the Juvexin blend of proteins and peptides penetrate the hair shaft to deliver conditioning and moisturizing benefits. But as Kristina explained, it only delivers as much as the hair requires – never more. “Anything the hair doesn’t want to absorb gets washed out.”

The concentration of Juvexin and the processing time are customized to the hair and expected results of the client. With me, Kristina left the treatment on for 40 of a possible 60 minutes.

The treatment is said to repair damage and protect the hair from environmental factors like blow drying, flat ironing and even natural elements like humidity. It also makes blow drying one’s own hair much easier, Kristina said.

The result is a very natural looking finish. “The hair fiber still looks and behaves like a real hair fiber – not a piece of plastic,” Kristina said. “’The Best’ Juvexin Treatment increases shine, smoothness, movement, tames the wild beast, relaxes curls and eliminates frizz.”

Following the 40 minute processing time, Kristina carefully dried my hair with a blow dryer then used a flat iron to finish the treatment. I left the salon with perfectly styled tresses.

But they say the real test is after the first washing. My air-dried hair was frizz free and manageable with just a hint of wave and body. I used the recommended GKhair Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner  ($20 each). Unlike Brazilian or traditional-Keratin treatments, no wait time between treatment and washing is required. However, I did notice a slight odor emitting from my hair, which disappeared after a couple of washings.

As an alternative to other straightening systems, I was completely satisfied with “The Bext” Juvexin Treament and would definitely try it again. Depending on your location and the salon, the cost of this hair taming treatment is generally between $200 and $400.

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