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10-20-12 | Posted by

Here’s a nifty little product that might just save you from chapped, cracked skin this winter, and it’s ecologically conscious too. It’s called Waxelene, and it’s billed as “the petroleum jelly” alternative.

Now, I grew up with Vaseline as the go to soother for dry lips and rough elbows. But as our awareness of the carcinogenic potential of petroleum-based products has grown, my enthusiasm has waned. Enter Waxelene, a comforting balm made up of vitamin E oil, beeswax, organic rosemary oil, and organic soy oil.

Applied on lips, it’s a comforting moisturizer that somehow soaks in but lasts for hours at the same time. It’s great for elbows and feet too, and I dig the rosemary scent.

In addition to the traditional uses of petroleum jelly—lips, elbows, knees, runny noses, and babies’ bottoms—Waxelene has several beauty benefits. According to the company, it can be used to remove eye makeup, give arms and legs a subtle sheen, and make eyelids dewy. I think it’s the perfect solution for smoothing legs after shaving.

Sold in two sizes─2 oz. for $6:99 and 9 oz. for $15.99─Waxelene is available at Whole Foods and Bed, Bath & Beyond. The company’s commitment to a petroleum-free future can even be seen in the packaging, which is made of recyclable glass jars and 100% recycled boxes.

I love Waxelene for being a safe, soothing alternative, but sometimes I still miss the super gloss and stickiness of the real thing.

This product was gifted to BITB for review.

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