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06-24-11 | Posted by

Shape up for summer with products for legs that tone, polish, buff and smooth.

Summer has officially begun and that means it’s time to shed the long pants and bare legs in this season’s flattering skirts, shorts and bikinis.  With some prepping and the right products, it’s not too late to achieve the most jaw-dropping gams ever.

Get Toned:

If you long for legs like Jennifer Aniston, now is the time to work for it.  Toned legs look super sexy in summer skirts and shorts.  Incorporate exercises such as lunges, squats and calf raises three to four days a week for the next two weeks for noticeably shapely legs.

Polish Away:

Malynda Vigliotti, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar in New York City, says the most important thing to get legs ready for summer is exfoliating.  “It’s the most important for several reasons such as self-tanning, cellulite and waxing.  Exfoliating helps with circulation, which helps to prevent and also temporarily diminish the look of cellulite.  It also helps get rid of dry skin so hair is exposed on the surface level for waxing.”

A loofah or body scrub removes dull skin and reveals a healthy glow.  Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate Body ($65) http://www.katesomerville.com/ buffs skin without being too harsh or too weak, perfect for that first annual body scrub-down.   Lactic and glycolic acids polish away dullness while papaya and pumpkin enzymes soften skin.  Use two times a week to get legs glowy and supple.

Remove Unwanted Hair:

Whether it’s by waxing, laser, depilatories or good old-fashioned razors, legs should be fuzz-free and smooth all summer long.  “If you are shaving definitely use a shaving cream and an amazing razor,” says Vigliotti.   “As far as waxing goes, exfoliating beforehand and making sure hair is at least ¼ inch long gives best results.”

When it comes to removing hair quickly and efficiently, I’m all about a good quality razor.  Schick Quattro for Women ($8.99) http://www.quattroforwomen.com/ new limited edition comes with two acai berry and jojoba infused conditioning strips to moisturize and leave legs nick-free.

We all know soap and water is just not enough for a flawless shave.  This paraben-free moisturizing shave cream from eos ($3.49) http://www.evolutionofsmooth.com/ conditions skin with aloe, shea butter, oat and vitamins C and E.  A plus: it’s so moisturizing you can shave with or without water.

Go for the Glow:

Pasty white legs are not sexy and tanning is not healthy.   Self-tanners and body bronzers can help hide imperfections, make legs appear slimmer and leave skin glowing.  For instantly shimmery bronzed gams try glominerals gloBody bronzer ($33) http://www.gloskincare.com/, which features aloe and squalane to moisturize, and easily washes off with soap and water.  Lancôme’s Flash Bronzer for Body http://www.lancome-usa.com/ ($34.50) leaves the most natural sun-kissed color, is tinted so you see where it’s going and color appears in just a half-hour.

Smooth Problem Areas:

Dimpled and jiggly skin can be a problem for everyone, not only the overweight or obese. “Cellulite cannot be cured, but it can be temporarily diminished,” says New York-based Board Certified Dermatologist Jeannette Graf.  “Deep tissue massage, certain types of infrared wraps combined with topically applied skin treatments containing caffeine can help temporarily diminish the appearance of cellulite.  These results will last as long as they are being performed.”   Graf also suggests in-office treatments, which can help get skin smooth and diminish signs of cellulite.  Two popular treatments include Thermage and Velasmooth.  Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to heat the deep layers of skin, which help to tighten and build collagen, and Velasmooth uses elos technology, combined with suction and rollers to massage and smooth cellulite, release fluid retention and stimulate collagen.

Try an at-home treatment such as Glytone Lipo-Lift Massage Kit ($44) http://www.glytone-usa.com/, a two-step system which contains a massager and caffeine and salicylic acid infused gel to smooth and help diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Medical Options:

For those with more serious leg issues such as spider, varicose and bulging veins, medical treatment may be necessary.  In recent years, vein issues can be treated in-office with very little downtime.  For smaller spidery veins, Sclerotherapy is the most popular treatment.  This is when an injection is penetrated into the vein causing it to collapse and eventually disappear.  Larger and bulging veins are typically removed by endovenous laser, which uses laser energy to heat and seal the vein closed. Nu Vela Esthetics offers varicose vein treatment in the Los Angeles area.

Whatever your leg issues may be, don’t panic and seek out the appropriate treatments and products to make your legs look their best this summer.

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