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Photo Credit: RE


06-29-13 | Posted by

When you just can’t stomach another coffee and Red Bull has you bouncing off the wall, where can you turn for a quick pick-me up? Instead of hitting the soda fountain, consider a juice-based alternative called REvive.

Now, I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to health foods, so I actually passed my REvive sample supply onto my friend Don, who was head-over-heals about the drink. It contains 21 “super fruits” like blueberries, mangosteen, pomegranate, and seabuckthorn, full of antioxidants and vitamins. But what Don loved was the immediate boost he felt after drinking the one-shot 2.5 oz. bottle.

Photo Credit: RE

Photo Credit: RE

The founders of RE have been in the fruit business for over 80 years and wanted to create a product that is chemical, stimulant, and preservative free. Created as a dietary supplement to give you natural stamina and focus, REvive contains only fruit juice and puree, no added sugar. It gives an immediate boost, as well as long term nutritional benefits. Its sister drink, REvitalize comes in a 32 oz. bottle with the recommendation to take 2 ounces daily for powerful antioxidant benefits.

I have to admit that REvive does not taste bad, and Don completely enjoyed it. It’s not very sweet, has only 50 calories, and with only 7 grams of sugar, is lower on the glycemic index than your morning bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Individual bottles of REvive are available at the Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods and other specialty markets for roughly $3, but the cheapest way to indulge in this totally natural boost is by ordering an 18-bottle case  for $23.99 with a $5 manufacturer’s coupon from Costco. And when you order online, you don’t have to be a Costco member.

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