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11-10-10 | Posted by


Adding to the uber decadence of the Egyptian Room of precious jewels, HARROD’S has opened The Pet Spa on the fourth floor for Man’s BFF.

The Pet Spa pampers pets of fur, fins and feathers and then some with pure relaxation and luxury – the stuff that dreams are made of. Grooming services, nutritional guidance, aromatherapy (and they don’t mean bacon!) and specialist spa therapies will keep your royal hound or Cheshire cat happy while you shop til you drop or pop into Harrod’s Urban Retreat for a blowout or mani/pedi. Private counselling and training can be arranged for pets in need of a little attitude adjustment.  The Pet Spa offers a wide range of haute couture treats to satisfy the most demanding canines and felines – or surprise your four legged friend with a Full Day at the Pet Spa. Treatments start from £59.95 or about $100 US dollars.

Don’t forget to pick up your personal copy of PETIQUETTE –  a guide for the modern pet owner on protocol in pet lifestyle, grooming and fashion – just in case your wet nosed companion has a wardrobe malfunction or forgets where to piddle (Sort of like the cult classic Tiffany Table Manner for Teens for the Animal Planet set…)

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