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02-04-11 | Posted by

Isabelle Bellis, isabellebellis.com, originally from Bretagne on France’s northwest coast, is quite unique in her profession. She is a pretty, lithe blonde with flawless skin and a gentle touch. Isabelle calls herself an “epidermologist,” a term I had not heard before, and she takes her craft of skincare oh so seriously.

Among other notables, Isabelle trained with biochemist Joelle Ciocco,  joelle-ciocco.com, whose cosmeceutical range she carries in her discreet and soothing salon delicately tucked away in a penthouse on East 66th Street in Manhattan.  She credits Joelle Ciocco with teaching her the Epidermologue Method® that is based on a scientific analysis of the skin, and premised on the fact that everyone’s skin has its own genetic history, life and oxidative stresses. Isabelle also has a special interest in holistic nutrition and its effects on the skin’s health, which would account for why she immediately recognized that I was a coffee drinker and perpetually stressed…

When I came for my treatment, Isabelle immediately asked how long she had with me – she wanted two hours but we settled on 45 minutes or so. Her comprehensive facial procedures take time and she prefers her clients to be totally calm and relaxed. Note to self: Don’t go to Isabelle in the middle of the busy day in the middle of a hectic work week… In fact, her treatments include a massage inside your mouth for the purposes of promoting circulation. She believes that this adds to the effects of her treatment sessions for an even more cleansed, toned and smoother circulation. I have never experienced a treatment quite like what Isabelle offers,  and was taken aback at first by the intraoral massage concept, but I was duly impressed by her approach. She is a professional – and has her own point of view and does not deviate, no matter what is in vogue at the moment.

Isabelle is particularly adept at speeding up the healing process post cosmetic surgery and injections. She is certified in lymphatic drainage massage and practices the original Vodder method. She is also a big believer in O2 and ends some of her signature treatments with a spray of pure oxygen, which reoxygenates compromised skin that has been lasered, peeled, or poked.

Don’t leave without treating yourself to some of Joelle Ciocco’s products that are light textured and contain lovely ingredients from plants, flowers, vegetables, the sea, and fragrant essential oils. Isabelle selected Lotion Hydrogel Plus with aloe and allantoin for my dry skin and it soaked it up like a sponge and felt wonderful.

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