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09-09-16 | Posted by

The world of beauty and fashion is a very competitive field to break into and thrive but you don’t have to settle for a mediocre career in makeup. If you or someone you know is a professional makeup artist Mastered has the accelerator program which will take your work to the next level, give you unparalleled feedback as well as one-on-one coaching and form crucial career connections.

In 2017 Erno Laszlo Institute’s new coursework by Mastered is developing talent for only 200 pros. *Please note, there are also accelerator courses in hair, photography, fashion styling, art direction and accessories. It works through in-person and online assignments, perfectly suited for those who are ready to shoot high, make their mark, break out from the pack and make a name for themselves in the editorial, catwalk and fashion makeup world. This just might be the thing you need to make a name for yourself and put you on the career path of your dreams.

Led by industry names, contributors include famed hair and makeup artists, stylists, photographers, fashion designers, beauty directors, magazine executives, agents, brands and more. The curriculum is designed to give you a clearer creative voice, a more vivid profile and a stronger connection thanks to their network of more than 2,500 world-wide beauty and fashion professionals spanning eighty different countries across the globe.

The course is broken up into six phases over a 10 month period. If you’re chosen, you can expect the following:

PHASE ONE will help you fine tune your personal career goals, as you work on developing your own brand and voice.

PHASE TWO will help you strengthen your personal creative process so you can stand out from the crowd. You’ll work on inspiration, research and how to pinpoints trends before they hit.

PHASE THREE will help you excel in all areas of makeup including runway, campaigns, music videos, celebrities and more.

PHASE FOUR helps you create an online presence and social strategy that will help you shine. It also encompasses building a strong portfolio and alternative ways to show your work.

PHASE FIVE helps in the area of compensation and figuring out your career plan, how to get an agent and other business related areas such as striking the right balance between editorial and commercial work and more.

PHASE SIX helps you prep for a showcase and gives you exposure to international industry experts, critics and potential employers.

If you think you or someone you know might have the goods to take your career to the next level and is ready to be a stronger, more well-rounded makeup artist, click here for more information, registration, pricing, a sample syllabus and more.

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