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06-11-12 | Posted by

What do three Swedish ski bums have in common with men’s skincare? It’s called Recipe for Men, a Swedish import that has been created especially for the needs of men’s skin. Launching this month in the U.S., Recipe for Men is the second most popular men’s skincare line in Sweden and currently sold in 25 countries around the world.

Founders Mikael Snabb and Jesper Matsch, two college students, and Jesper Ronnback, an Olympic skier, met on the ski slopes of Sweden. In addition to skiing, the three friends quickly recognized another commonality – the toll that their enthusiasm for outdoor sports and the harsh Scandinavian winters was taking on their skin. They were all suffering from dry, sun damaged and irritated skin. Gathering their courage, the three visited a local pharmacy but only found products geared toward women.

Knowing much more about moguls, skin tactics and snow conditions then business strategy and cosmetics, Snabb, Matsch and Ronnback set out to develop a skincare line tailored specifically for men. After several years of research, Recipe for Men launched in 2005 in Sweden, and since then has expanded distribution around the globe.

The brand is rooted in its Swedish origins, which is reflected in its streamlined regimen and sleek design. Tested in the extreme condition of the Scandinavian climate, Recipe for Men products feature oil-free textures and pleasing natural fragrances.

Nine products will be available for the launch in North America – all developed for the specific needs of men. For example, Anti-Shine Moisturizer ($37) offers necessary hydration but dries with a matte finish for men with shiny foreheads. It is a light, quick-absorbing gel, with a green-tea like fragrance. Facial Moisturizer+ ($39) is formulated for dry skin, while SPF15 Facial Moisturizer ($37) combines UVA/UVB protection with deep hydration.

Facial Cleanser ($25) is a deep cleaning gel that removes excess oil and reduces pore size. It features natural ingredients burnet, cinnamon, ginger and cucumber with a scent that reminds me of refreshing peppermint. Facial Scrub ($29) smoothes and cleans with silica microspheres.

The demand for the brand’s Under Eye Patches ($36) was the impetus for the North American launch. A perfect remedy for a late-night lifestyle, the patches use aqua collagen to hydrate and reduce puffiness and a native Madagascan herb to fight dark under-eye circles. Pair the patches with Under Eye Gel ($46) to reduce puffiness, dryness and lines.

The alcohol-free Antiperspirant Deodorant ($22) is formulated to dry quickly and leave no marks. Clear Shave Gel ($26) completes the line with a non-foaming shaving gel that combines anti-inflammatory and healing benefits to minimize razor burn.

All of the product formulations take into account that men’s skin is quite different from women’s – it is rougher, less protected by moisturizers/SPF and more sensitive because of shaving. The red and white modern packaging and no-fuss regimen should make Recipe for Men a line that men can easily adapt into their lives. For purchase information, go to http://www.recipeformenusa.com/.

With its North American launch, Recipe for Men has made a socially conscious commitment. A portion of all proceeds sold in North America will go towards providing clean drinking water to people in developing nations.

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